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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Morning Briefs on the Wuhan Virus Scene in Los Angeles (and Beyond) for Tuesday

 The Los Angeles Unified School District, USC, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses (?), are featured as the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group endeavors to provide the latest unbiased, Wuhan Virus News and Facts.
The Official Unmasked Wuhan Virus Politico Hypocrite:
** Blogger's Notes: As the likes of Calizuela Governor Gavin ?Maduro" Newsom,  LA Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric "Yoga Pants", the LA County Minister of Social Health Barbara Ferrer, with stenographic regurgitation from a "Formerly Fishwrap of Record (on Spring Street)", push for a return to draconian Wuhan Virus Stay-at-Home Decrees, the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group recommits to the cyber-endeavor of providing the latest unbiased news and facts, as it becomes more readily-apparent, that politics, not science, is the paramount motive for the regressive actions being initiated by the likes of Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti. Instead of promoting Improvisation, Adaptation and striving to Overcome a Communist China-originating Wuhan Virus, the controlling One Party Collectivist Machine that reigns over Los Angeles y California, has digress to using science-challenged decrees, in pursuit of a desired "November Political Goal" ........., that is already having adverse fiscal, ethical and health ramifications.  The law-abiding, objective majority can readily discern that the recent spikes in Positive Wuhan Virus Reports, is the byproduct of recent Protests (as admitted to by Mayor Yoga Pants), a Border Region Surge out of Imperial County ........, and the FACT that we are conducting more tests (locally and nation-wide). The objective majority seeking factually and science-based content on the Wuhan Virus, would find it imperative to review daily content from the likes of Alex Berenson, Phil Kerpen, Alicia Smith and Ian Miller, rather than read today's formerly "LA Antonio Times" Editorial, that espouses doing away (for now) with the California State Bar Exam ......., which a certain Ex Failure Mayor Namesake, failed FOUR Times-----Scott Johnson.

Bowing to Code Red Political Appeasement.
United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) Union Demands, based upon "Collectivist Science". The Collectivist Brain Trust of UTLA have decreed that the future "Collectivist Health of LA's People's Paradise", is more paramount than returning students to classrooms this Fall. Espousing the "Collectivist Science" that includes "Defunding Police", "Abolishing Prop 13", "Medicare-for-All", "New Wealth Taxes" ........., and "No New Charter Schools". The ruling Politburo of UTLA is obvious suffering from the rabid ravages of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), which has affected the cognitive abilities of many, as example by UTLA's inability to remember what happen to Measure EE at the Ballot Box. We should note that the Orange County Department of Education's Board, voted 4-1 to recommend "In Classroom Instruction" this Fall, concurring with the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics.    
 Exposing Code Red Super-Spreading.
Wuhan Virus Dateline Pasadena: Rumors are rampant that 2021 Tournament of Rose Parade and its Royal Court, may become the latest cancellation connected to the on-going Wuhan Virus. An announcement on the pending cancellation may take place this week, or soon after. 
 Giving Witness to Code Red Pandering.
Mayor Yoga Pants has another Wuhan Virus-related Controversy meriting his attention as the Press Release below denotes. We will provide an expansive follow up later in the week----S.J.
Repudiate all Acts of Code Red Political Grandstanding.

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