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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Evening Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine (and Beyond) for Hump Day

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group coverage of the Lillian and Edward Roybal 501-C3 Public Non-Profit continues as questions mount whether the attempted Ethically/Legally-Questionable Board of Directors Takeover, is predicated on controlling the potentially, lucrative property value, as the neighboring Metro Gold Line Extension to Whittier ........., moves forward.   
Congresswoman Lucille (Daughter of Edward) Roybal-Allard presenting disgrace former City of Bell City Councilman (and Oldtimers Foundation Executive Director) George Cole ........, with Certificate of Appreciation. 
** Blogger's Notes: Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard is no stranger to the ethical and legal pratfalls of 501-C3 Public Non-Profits within her Congressional District, as witnessed by her association (pictured above) with the Huntington Park-located Oldtimers Foundation, which had as its Executive Director, the disgraced City Of Bell Mayor/City Councilman George Cole. For years, multiple, local government entities (including the City of Bell), allocated public funds that in part, financed the salary of Cole and enriched his politically-connected allies. Years later, speculation is growing that another Public 501-C3 Non-Profit is the target of another politically-connected, self-enrichment scheme ........., being perpetrated by family members of the Congresswoman. As previously reported by Mayor Sam, family members of Congresswoman Roybal-Allard (and her late Father Congressman Edward Roybal), are seeking a hostile takeover of the Public Non-Profit Board of Directors ........., for reasonS meriting further investigation. One reason meriting further scrutiny, is the control of the Edward and Lucille Roybal Foundation Property on Beverly (near Atlantic) .........., next to the current terminus of the Metro Light Rail Gold Line. The recently-approved Whittier Extension of the Gold Line, will likely increase the value of the parcel, which can present lucrative opportunities for those controlling the property, especially those politically-connected to the same type of public agencies ........., that funded the Oldtimers Foundation. To be continued.   
Is the attempted Takeover of the Public 501-C3 Edward and Lucille Roybal-Foundation, predicated on a possible, lucrative property deal connected to the approved, Metro Gold Line Extension to Whittier?

Former CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffer (and Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo Chief of Staff) George Esparza, pleaded GUILTY today, and now has plenty of time to sing ........., before his February, 2021 Sentencing. Those who are longtime CD-14 Observers, will remember Esparza beginning his now infamous Political Career, as a low-pay "Go-For" ........, that morphed into criminal conduct. In the weeks, months ahead, we can expect that Esparza will produce ..........., in order to reduce his time in jail.
George Esparza (on right) from the 2UrbanGirls Web Page.
As of Wednesday Evening, Los Angeles Failure Mayor 2.0 Eric "Yoga Pants" Garcetti, has not put Angelinos on Code Red Stay at Home Orders .........., for reason not to his controlling favor. As noted by Ian Miller, the Panic Porn of Dire Ramifications being pushed by Public Officials (to cover for condoning Mask-Free Protests), have not materialize. It imperative that when being presented with pronouncements, that include Calizuela becoming the Top State for Wuhan Virus Cases, yo must research the background predication for the reported figures ........., as exampled by the Mask-less Mayor Yoga Pants -----Scott Johnson. 
A Mayoral Super-spreader takes Knee.

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