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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Outtakes on the Arresting Council District A Political Machine Developments for Tuesday

In the early morning dawn, the corrupt reign of a Princeton Graduate, turned philandering, corrupt "Council District-A (aka. 14) City Councilman" Jose Huizar, has come to an overdue end as the FBI/DOJ arrested the supposed "Mastermind of the CD-A Criminal Enterprise".
The Magnitude of Jose Luis Huizar's Corrupt Reign is no more.
** Blogger's Notes: In the pre-dawn morning light, a Princeton Graduate, turned a corrupt, philandering political reprobate CD-14 City Councilman, Jose Luis Huizar, began his involuntary incarnation as a documented Crook, who's willing City Hall and Communal Enablers, await their own ........, Day of Reckoning. Since his first full term in 2007, alleged Councilman Huizar's misdeeds have been the inspiration for commentary fodder here at Mayor Sam, in line with the documented, Acts of Retribution, targeting the likes of those who objectively reported on the numerous allegations. In recent years, as the Mayor Sam Blog continue to report the alleged, ethical malfeasance behavior taking place in CD-14, their was a continuing, "Response of Silence",from supposed "Community Leaders/Organizations (TERA, Mike y Yolanda Nogueira, The El Sereno Bicentennial Parade Committee, Legacy LA, Mago Amador, Hillside Village Property Owners Association, Concern Neighbors of El Sereno, and Downtown LA Interests to name a few), who were/are more concern with preserving their specific interests ........, than taking a stand for Communal Ethics. In the days/weeks ahead, as the corruption case against Jose Luis Huizar plays out in the Halls of Justice, the now Mayor Sam Sister City News Group, will continue to report, disclose and hold accountable those responsible for Huizar's Reign of Corruption ........., and a certain, future CD-14 Officeholder who may be its 2.0 Incarnation----Scott Johnson.     
The Cover Page to the Jose Huizar Criminal Complaint.
Showing the Jose Huizar's CD-14 Criminal Enterprise Graft Advance
Memo to the City of LA Department of General Services: There is a City-owned SUV that needs to be reprocessed.

Memo to incoming CD-14 City Councilman K.A. Leon: The hiring of ANY Ex. Jose Huizar Staffer (like Henry Casas),will insure continuous, bloggin repudiation.
BTW, where is Richellary?

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