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Monday, June 22, 2020

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Old Ways of Family at the Roybal Foundation ....., with Legal Ramifications

In a Mayor Sam Sister City News Group Exclusive, we begin series of missives chronicling members of the late Congressman Edward Roybal Family's legally-questionable attempt to remove the current Board of Directors of the Namesake 501-C3 Non-Profit, as they seek a return to Family Control of the longtime Foundation.  
The Lucille and Edward Roybal Foundation Office in East Los Angeles.
** Blogger's Notes: On a beautiful October Saturday Night at the Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena last Fall, an evening of giving witness to the legacy of late Latino Congressman Edward Roybal, heralded a new tomorrow for the formerly Namesake Family Foundation (now Public 501-C3) ......., or so it seemed. Eight months later, the positive of last October's Roybal Gala has been replace by a bitter battle over the control of the Roybal Foundation's Board of Directors as the Roybal Family Trio of Edward Roybal Jr., Lou Roybal Gardner and Loushana Roybal-Rose, are seeking to remove the Board Members who played a major role in organizing the Pasadena Event. On the surface, its apparent that the Family Trio involve, have a desire to return to the "Old Ways of Family", in regards to using The Foundation for their respective self-interests, without any consideration to legal, ethical and reputation of the Foundation. Below, we have obtained copies of texts that gives witness to the interaction between Loushana Roybal-Rose and Board Member Ramon Miramontes, as the "Old Ways of Family", clashes with a Board Member who is responsible for the ethical/legal oversight of the Foundation's assets. In future post, we will highlight the legal implications of the actions noted above .........,and accord all involve an opportunity to respond to our coverage----Scott Johnson. 
The Old Way of Family clashes with the Formal Oversight of Roybal Foundation Assets.

 Loushana Roybal-Rose, Ramon Miramontes Exchange, Page 1.
 Loushana Roybal-Rose, Ramon Miramontes Exchange, Page 2.
Loushana Roybal-Rose, Ramon Miramontes Exchange, Page 3.

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