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Saturday, February 08, 2020

K.A. Leon-supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and Chief of Staff Disciplined for Workplace Misconduct

Temporary CD-14 City Council aspirant (and desiring 2022 Mayoral Candidate) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, has another #MeToo Issue to contend with, via the Discipline imposed on his Supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and Chief of Staff George Esparza (both ex Huizar Staffers) .........., for "Workplace Misbehavior".
06/29/19Wendy Carrillo for Assembly 2020
ID: 1414497 
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Kevin de Leon
Council Member

1415916 - Kevin de Leon for City Council 2020
A - Monetary Contribution Received

Period: 01/01/19 to 06/30/19
Will temporary CD-14 City Council aspirant Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon condemn Campaign Supporter Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo's (and Chief of Staff George Esparza) "Role Play" of former Boss Jose Huizar's Workplace Behavior? 
** Blogger's Notes: Its now an established CD-14 Truism that you can remove a Staffer from a CD-14 Dysfunctional Workplace, but you can't remove the Dysfunctional Mindset from the Staffer, as formally-documented by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and her Chief of Staff George Esparza.  
Both Assemblywoman Carrillo and her Chief of Staff Esparza were "discipline" by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, as reported on Friday, presenting another #MeToo Moment of Truth for the temporary CD-14 City Council Aspirant Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon ........., who was born in CD-9.

From the LA Times regarding Assemblywoman Carrillo's Sleazy Huizzy-like Misbehavior.

The letter sent to Carrillo states that “a complaint that you hugged and kissed, on the cheek” was filed and that an investigation concluded the incident occurred and “that this conduct was unwelcome.” A heavily redacted investigation report alleges that Carrillo was “insisting on a two-arm hug” at two different events and kissed the employee on the cheek.

If true, that type of workplace behavior would of merited a CLARTS-funded Salary Increase in the dysfunctional CD-14 Office Culture, but is tamed compared to former Sleazy Huizzy's Administrative Assistant (and alleged hypocrite) George Esparza.

Rendon’s letter to Esparza cites two instances of sexual comments. The investigation document states that in one encounter, Esparza was alleged to have asked someone “are you done masturbating?”

Again, if the investigated allegations are true, then the temporary CD-14 City Council Aspirant (and former State Senator Tony Mendoza Couch Mate), would find it wise to reconsider his embracing of  anyone who has not condemned the documented, dysfunctional Councilman Jose Huizar Work Environment ........ or risk having more Campaign Supporters/Donor's "Skeletons" make noise in the days ahead----Scott Johnson. 
Message to K.A. Leon: Will you condemn Sleazy Huizzy-like Workplace Behavior and respond in the same way as then Assembly Candidate Wendy Carrillo, when she renounced her Endorsement by former State Senator Richard Polanco? 
Will Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon be dismissive of Polanco/Huizar-like Workplace Misconduct from Campaign Supporter/Hypocrites such as Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo and what other Campaign Donors have ........., inconvenient issues meriting disclosure?

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