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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Introducing ......... Notes on the 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Scorecard

Without further delays, its time to introduce/kickoff the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group's 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Coverage as the Ruling Political Establishment seeks to install former California State Senate President Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, as the "Temporary Jose Huizar Incarnation 2.0" ......., before the San Diego Native's desired 2022 LA Mayoral Campaign.
Another bloggin Self-congratulation for our pending 2020 CD-14 City Council Campaign Coverage. 
Blogger's Notes: Hola once again from the active, Mayor Sam Sister City News Group's CD-14 City Council Campaign Bloggin Bunker. 
After 15 plus years of a Princeton Graduate, turned into a corrupt, vindictive, litigious, investigated, wife-cheating disgrace, via Jose Luis Huizar, the CD-14 Electorate has a rare opportunity to select a Officeholder who will place communal needs, before self, at 200 N. Spring Street.

Five Candidates have qualified for the March Primary, with a former San Diego Political Transplant (in reality, Carpetbagger) Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, the anointed "Choice of the California One Party Ruling Political Machine", but CD-14 has a history of repudiating "Carpetbaggers" at the Ballot Box (just ask Victor Griego).
Indeed, the former California Assemblyman, State Senate President and failed US Senate Candidate, is seeking to repeat CD-14 Political History by having the LA Political Machine place him as the "Temporary CD-14 Officeholder", as a stepping-stone for a desired, 2022 Mayoral Campaign and somewhere, a certain Ex Failure Mayor is going ........., AHHHH?? 
As a longtime CD-14 Political Bloggin Observer, we would be remiss not to note, that the local electorate has a rebellious tendency to buck the Political Establishment's quest to install the Officeholder Stooge of Choice, especially when the anointed Choice couldn't win his own State Senate District during the aforementioned failed Campaign for US Senate.
Below, we have linked to the Campaign Websites of the certified candidates and in the days ahead, we will post timely updates on the campaign proceedings-----Scott Johnson.
Former "State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First", seeking domicile for his temporary CD-14 City Council Gig (before 2022 LA Mayoral Campaign).
Former State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon the First: The former Assemblyman and State Senate President is the prohibitive financial favorite and desired choice of the Huizar Machine (as evident by the Princeton Graduate Staffer supporters), but many CD-14 Activists who have not been bought off, are standoffish in supporting a Huizar Political Incarnation 2.0. 
LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia.
LAUSD School Board Member Monica Garcia: The former School Board Member Huizar Chief of Staff has plenty political baggage of her own that will inhibit support, but if matched up against K.A. Leon in November, Garcia would be sure of not putting higher political aspirations, in the way of representing CD-14 for a full term.
 Former Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Vice-President Cyndi Otteson.
Former ERNC Vice-President Cyndi Otteson: The desired candidate of a growing Northeast LA Progressive Machine, will have an impact on the K.A. Leon Campaign in the voter-rich Eagle Rock/Highland Park Area.
Boyle Heights Native and Educator Raquel Zamora.
Raquel Zamora: The Boyle Heights Native and Educator is garnering a growing buzz to her Grass Roots Campaign. Zamora is schedule to have a Meet and Greet tomorrow night (Wednesday) at El Sereno's Hecho En Mexico Eatery from 6-8 PM.
Longtime Boyle Heights Non-Profit Activist Juan "Johnny Jay" Jimenez.
Juan "Johnny Jay" Jimenez (linked to Candidate's "LinkedIn" Profile): Jimenez is making a second run for CD-14 Office, having been a candidate in 2007. 

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