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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Introducing ......, Hump Day Briefs on the 2020 CD-10 Campaign Scene

The Mayor Sam Sister City News Group proudly introduces "Hump Day Briefs on the 2020 CD-10 Campaign Scene", as Grace Yoo (and others), seeks to blunt the LA County Democratic Party Machine's scheme to install troubled, termed-out LA County Board of Supervisor Mark (Father of Sebastian) Ridley-Thomas, in the place of the scandalous Herman Wesson.    
Will a reform-minded CD-10 Electorate bless Grace Yoo to replace Herman Wesson?
** Blogger's Notes: Happy Hump Day to all as the Mayor Sam Sister City News Group commences its 2020 CD-10 City Council Campaign Coverage.

The City Clerk Office has certified five candidates to seek the Council Office being vacated by a termed-out, scandalous former City Council President Herman Wesson, who is seeking to swap jobs with the equally-troubled LA County Board of Supervisor Mark (Father of Sebastian) Ridley-Thomas.
Like in the paralleling CD-14 Campaign (with Kevin Alexander Leon), the LA County Democratic Party has shone its commitment (or hypocrisy) regarding the #MeToo Movement, by endorsing the Father of former Assemblyman (and terminated USC Employee) Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who resigned from office, citing an "undisclosed illness (which allegedly, involve inappropriate conduct, but we digress).  
Longtime CD-10 Political Observers/Activists, will remember the audacious, unethical actions of Wesson, in using the still-litigious 2012 Redistricting Scheme, as a tool of political self-preservation to preserve the voting demographics that would benefit himself .........., and blunt challengers like Grace Yoo in 2015.
Five years and a Korean Political Awakening (via David Ryu and John Lee) later, the CD-10 Electorate will decide whether reforming a corrupt City Hall, is more paramount than a self-preservation scheme, that preserves two, troubled politicos in Public Office----Scott Johnson.
The upcoming Grace Yoo Campaign's Voter Canvassing Event. 
Your chance to meet the CD-10 Candidates.

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