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Friday, January 24, 2020

Inconvenient Briefs on the LA Political Machine (and Beyond) for Friday

CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss keyboards another Inconvenient Truth regarding Mayor Eric Garcetti's Animal Services Department-appointee Roger Wolfson, who's "Domestic Issues", are worthy of a bloggin missive on the level of his former Political/Television Word-craft.  
Noted ex Political Staffer, Film/Television Writer, Attorney and latest Mayor Eric Garcetti Controversial Appointee Roger Wolfson.
** Blogger's Notes: Is it true that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti likes to give appointed opportunities to those with ..........., "Domestic Issues"?
CityWatch LA's Daniel Guss keyboards another Inconvenient Truth regarding Mayor Garcetti's Animal Services Department-appointee Roger Wolfson, who would join supposed Mayor Staffer (and former CD-14 Deputy Chief of Staff) Henry Casas, as a documented Domestic Abuser, if the allegations were proven true.
The following excerpt is, very-interesting to note ..........
In El-Shinnawy’s application for a restraining order against Wolfson, she claimed that the LAPD did not respond to her May 13, 2014, plea for help. When I asked LAPD spokesperson Josh Rubenstein why that happened, he forwarded my request to the agency’s Discovery Unit but did not respond when I pointed out that the Discovery Unit doesn’t provide explanations, only records and notoriously withholds many of those, as well. 

........, considering that many are whispering about an alleged Echo Park Domestic Incident that LAPD may have documented, but will not disclosed.
The Agenda Wreckage of a "Fishwrap of Record (formerly on Spring Street)".
With apologies to certain Scribes at the supposed Los Angeles "Fishwrap of Record (relocated to El Segundo)", we have to question (again), the apparent subjective choices made by its Editors regarding ............., story budgeting.
In recent days, the alleged print-stenographer of the local Democratic Establishment, executed its agenda duty, by reporting on a Website Mistake by CD-12 City Councilman John Lee, who happens to be ............, a Republican.
The allocation of story budgeting to expose an apparent honest mistake by a CD-12 Staffer, is subjectively-disproportionate, considering that a former California Democratic Assemblyman and State Senate President, openly lied about the Council District of Birth last Friday ................., with a Times Staff Writer seated in the audience.

Its worth noting that the LA Times Editorial Board endorsed City Councilman Lee's Special Election (and 2020) Challenger Loraine Lundquist, that should give witness again to the mystical-quality of the Time's "Wall of News/Editorial Separation".
Glendale (residing in Maryland) Congressman Adam Schiff in his usual, delusional state.
Friday could not come soon enough for supposed Glendale-based, Calizuela 28th District Congressman Adam Schiff, who personifies the delusional mindset of Democratic (more like Seditioncratic) Politicians afflicted with, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).
As the Lead Seditioncrat House Manager, the emotions of fronting a taxpayers-financed attempt to remove a fairly-elected President Donald Trump, became a "Cry Me A River (of Lies) Moment" ........., worthy of the appropriate Musical Dedication
In noting Schiff's Ethical/Emotional Collapse on the Floor of the Senate, we would be remiss in not requesting your consideration of Schiff for Brain's Republican Challenger Eric Early, who will return legislated honor to a Congressional District in need of a Schiff Removal-----Scott Johnson.
The late Legend Ella Fitzgerald sings her signature Hit.

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