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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Bloggin Mayor Sam Merry Christmas 2019!!

We bloggin wish everyone a most-joyful Merry Christmas as we pledge to cyber-reconnect, with coverage of all the up (Presidential) and down ticket (CD 10 and 14) Elections, upcoming in 2020.
Who will benefit from Mayor Sam's Cyber Gift Bag this Christmas?
** Blogger's Notes: With a push of the power button, a certain, dormant blogger returns to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, with cyber-offerings forthcoming for the politically-good ......., and the naughty.
In the last few months, their has been a noted lack of postings for a simple reason, there is "less of me" ........, literally. 
Many of you who the late Michael Higby (wishing him the best in a better world) and myself, have met in person, will remember that the both of us, were rather rotund in girth and needed to part with some of our respective lbs (with inspiration from Jack Witt), and that became my paramount priority these last few months.
Bluntly, daily finger exercises on the keyboards do not suffice in decreasing body mass, especially when your weight is near 400 lbs. and you are dealing with a loss a of a parent. Thus, it was imperative that reconnecting with fitness, take priority over cyber-musing and minus 65 lbs (and counting) .........., its bloggin time to return.
While reconnecting with a forgotten task called "exercise (aquatics workouts to be specific)", we continue to multi-task, by keeping up to date on breaking news which included the Sham Impeachment (in reality a Cover Up of DOJ/CIA/FBI Spying on President Donald Trump), the journalistic devolution of the LA Times, the continuing Legal Marijuana Corruption in Southeast LA County and of course ........., the latest ex. staffer (Jesse Leon) to sue CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.
Back to the moment at hand, we would be remiss in not giving thanks to those who have been supportive in a renewed dedication to physical and mental well-being. From the local Aquatic Center Staff to a core group of friends (Yosef, Terrance, Lydia, Leo, Art, Ramon, Phillip, Hugo, Anthony, Angela, Roy, Claudia, Caroline, Ernie, Santi y Amy and the staff at Jenny Craig), may your Christmas be blessed with spiritual good tidings as we give witness (once again) to the cyber-creation of a late (and still) Dear Friend Michael Higby----Scott Johnson.
** More content this evening!!



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