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Sunday, February 03, 2019

The 2019 Future Incarceration (?) Edition of Super Bowl with the Huizars Contest

The Mayor Sam Blog proudly continues a Bloggin Tradition as we present ........, The 2019 Future Incarceration (?) Edition of Super Bowl with the Huizars Contest.
Again, the Huizars and Warranted Associates, can be proud regarding their Super Bowl Viewing creativity.
The former #Richellary2020 Campaign ..... and its noted Eastside Sponsors.
** Blogger's Note: Great Super Bowl Sunday to all as our exceptional country's annual celebration of Alpha Manhood (protected from attacks by the Democratic Women #MeToo Enabler Movement), takes place this afternoon with the resurgent Los Angeles (of Inglewood) Rams, taking on the New England Cheating Patriots (** please note the mindset of exuberant, born again, "Los Angeles (via Inglewood) Rams" Fan here), in the 53th Edition of the NFL Championship Game creation of the late Commissioner Pete Rozelle
Since 2008, its been an annual bloggin tradition to place odds on where CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee "Subject of Interest" Jose Huizar (along with Wife and other assorted City Hall miscreants) would choose to watch the Super Bowl. This act of bloggin satire was born out of a mystical (more like fact) CD 14 Political Folktale, involving the self-noting, Princeton Graduate, flying on American Airlines to Miami, Florida to watch the game as the guest of the Fifteen Group. (the owners of the Historic Boyle Heights Wyvernwood Apartment Complex and now designated Developer of the old Lincoln Heights Jail Property). Thus a bloggin tradition continues (after all, there is a very possible, forced domicile relocation for the Princeton Grad ...., and Enabling Wife (?) in 2020)----Scott Johnson.
Disclosure: As a Corrupt Politico Walking, enabling Wife (allegedly), members of Familia (allegedly) and "Warranted City Hall Invitees", prep to disembark on their 2019 Super Bowl Viewing Party Bus, the Mayor Sam Blog has been gifted with the exclusive list of potential "stops (with visiting time to be determine)" for the entourage. Please note that boarding will take place at the Twin Towers Hub of the Raiders Nation Dial A Ride Service (pictured below).
The Official 2019 Super Bowl with the Huizars (and "warranted invitees") Party Bus (graciously provided by the Raiders Nation Dial A Ride Contractor). 
1. The Sybil Brand Institute: Being the "OB (Original Blogger) from CD-14", we would be bloggin remiss if we did not place the interest of the female contingent on the Party Bus paramount, especially when that group includes the formerly #Richellary2020 Candidate. Sybil Brand offers fine views (from the cell block windows), across the 710 Freeway and is close to home for frequent weekend visitations.  
The Hilltop Sybil Brand Institute.
2. The Federal Correctional Institute on Terminal Island: There is no better place to witness the flow of Chinese Products (compare to the cash trading hands at City Hall, allegedly) into Los Angeles, as witness via this longtime Federal Facility on Terminal Island. We are sure that CD-15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino would welcome this entourage ........., when scheduling did not conflict.
Nothing like a stay on a secured island location.
3. The Peter Pitchess/Wayside Honor Rancho: If we had chosen to place odds on the paramount choice for an extended visitation by this year's Super Bowl with the Huizars Party Bus, the former Wayside Honor Rancho would win hands down. Where else within a quick courtroom turnaround, could the Huizars enjoy the Rancho Life (for Good Behavior)?
Where playing "Charro" is defined by your Cooperation and Good Behavior.
4. Club Fed (and maker of License Plates) in Lompoc: From a romantic Hilltop, to Seaside Views and a visitation among the Rolling Hills ........., we arrive at our final stop (after plea and ratting on others negotiations) known simply as the Club Fed of Lompoc. As many White Collar Criminals and Corrupt Politicos will give witness to, Club Fed Lompoc is your desired location to spent a minimal stay ...., in exchange for NOT bearing false witness in court. 
Club Fed in Lompoc.



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