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Monday, February 11, 2019

Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon Arranges Highland Park Domicile For Announced 2020 CD-14 Campaign

In another CD-14 Political Deja Vu Moment, former California State Senate President Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon, establishes Highland Park Domicile for his announced 2020 Campaign to replaced the termed-out Jose Huizar ........, and avoids pledging, not to run for Mayor in 2022.
The comfort of domicile (via an alleged Highland Park Room/Couch Rental), prompts a smile from aspiring CD-14/Mayoral Candidate Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.
** Blogger's Notes: Its safe to say that the Politico born as Kevin Alexander Leon, has never been a depository of original political thought and judging from today's comments regarding his CD-14 City Council (and beyond) aspirations ......., intuitive constituents are experiencing an unwanted Deja Vu Moment. 
In 2003, a termed-out State Officeholder (of formerly Pop Star-like prominence) narrowly-defeated an incumbent CD-14 Officeholder and made a pledge to serve his full four-year term......., but history will note that long-term commitments (such as vows of fidelity), were not a strong point of the then -branded, Antonio Villaraigosa.
Today, another termed-out State Officeholder (and failed US Senate Candidate) who brands himself as Kevin De Leon, is seeking to emulate the former Assembly Speaker in campaigning for the open CD-14 City Council Seat, while remaining vague about his own Mayoral aspirations ........ and how are constituents responding? From the LA Times;

Eagle Rock resident Hans Johnson, president of the East Area Progressive Democrats, said some in the district have bad memories of the 2003 council race, when Antonio Villaraigosa — then a former state assemblyman — ran for the seat and told voters he would serve a full four years. Two years later, Villaraigosa broke that promise, running for and winning his race for mayor. “There’s a lot of resentment still in our part of the 14th District over that,” Johnson said.
Its also a F-A-C-T that De Leon did not defeat (for numerous reasons) the re-elected Senator Feinstein within his own Northeast LA (and CD-14)-based State Senate District in the June Primary ...., and a future City Councilman De Leon Branding will not be a S-U-R-E thing in 2020-----Scott Johnson.
How much do they like me (or not) in CD-14?

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