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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Mayor Sam's Trending Topics of Interest for 2019

In remaining true to our core mission of espousing the open and transparent dispensation of news regarding the State of Governess within Los Angeles (and beyond), we present an initial list of Trending Topics of Interest for 2019.
So little time, so many topics of interest in 2019.
** Blogger's Notes: Where do we commence our bloggin coverage for 2019? 
It would be so easy to start keyboarding the latest on a certain Princeton Graduate, turned embattled CD-14 City Council Officeholder (awaiting legal reckoning), especially as his Communications Director/Adviser Rick "Coca Puffs", ends his weeks-long drought of Huizzy Twitter Posts.
Indeed, we can spent bloggin hours being the manic, one issue commentator, made easier in recent weeks with the myriad of issues/sub plots connected to the embattled Council Member, but we digress.
That stated (and in the interest of maintaining a bloggin freshness), we want to endeavor in being the purveyor of political news, that may otherwise be ignored in an increasingly subjective journalistic environment ......... and adversely impacts communal democracies.  
In that spirit, we list below what we feel should be trending topics, both within our normal boundaries of coverage ......... and beyond in communities now in a growing vacuum zone of no regular journalistic coverage----Scott Johnson.  
1. The Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee No 2020 Vision for President Campaign: If you think that its hard to keep track on the whereabouts of LA's supposed Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee presently, just wait until he is smothered in the single-digits depths of Presidential Candidates Approval Ratings, as he wonders the mountain tracks and country lanes of New Hampshire and Iowa, respectively. 
2. The Cyber-return of former Downtown Garment and Citizen Journalist Jerry Sullivan: We will always be in appreciation to former Downtown Garment and Citizen Newspaper Editor/Journalist Jerry Sullivan, for his old-school dedication to objective reporting ........ and his bestowing of the moniker "Coca Puffs" on a certain CD-14 Staffer. Sullivan is back with a new website "Sullivan Says" ........., thChacon at merits the support of objective consumers of a Free (in thought) Press. 
3. The Campaign to Replace CD-12 City Councilman Mitch "Fifelander": Is it a formality that former Mayor Sam Comment Section Provoker Mitch "Fifelander" will be the last in an era of "Spring Street RINOs", as the Downtown Machine preps a Special Election Harvest of Democratic Ballots, whoops Voters? 
4. Outing the New Calderon Corruption Incarnation in Southeast LA County: The recent election of new State Senator Bob Archuleta, has given rise to a new incarnation of the corrupt Calderon Political Machine.
5. A New Season of ........., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker, featuring Brian Hews": By popular demand, we will commence with another bloggin season of channeling the mindset of the Chacon Political Family's Madame Muckraker.
6. A Model City's Commerce rooted in Crony Capitalism: With Puppet Strings controlled by City Administrator Edgar Cisneros, the Glassman Law Firm and Mario Beltran, the City Council Majority of Ivan Altamirano, John Soria and Oralia Rebollo are becoming the Southeast LA Poster Politicos for Backroom Dealings.
7. The Rise Again of Identity Politics (and Communal Segregation): Is the cause of Communal Preservation, being usurp those espousing Identity Politics that reinforce segregated neighborhoods, in the name of anti-gentrification?
8. Exposing the Crony Bullies of City Council Members: Inspired by a certain "Sunland Tujunga Male Female Duo", we continue our coverage of those who act as the Crony Bullies of certain City of LA City Council Members.
9. The Devolution of a former "Fishwrap of Record": The largely Jewish West LA Reader Base of the now "Old Gray Goose Stepper of El Segundo (aka. LA Times)", should be alarm of the continuing devolution of a supposed Newspaper of Record .........., into an Apologist for Anti-Semitic Thought.
10. The Future of Montebello: A Special Election in March will be the deciding factor on the future of a City in urgent need of an Ethical Cleansing. 

** We should note that your stories, tips on breaking news and comments are greatly valued. You can post your comments on our Facebook Page or via Email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com-S.J.                                                           

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