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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Notes on the Councilman Huizar Scandal Scorecard ..... for Tuesday

As more allegations of ethical and personal malfeasance involving embattled CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar become public, the Los Angeles Neighbor Council Coalition (LANCC) became the first City-wide Entity, to request the Princeton Graduate Officeholder's Resignation ........, while mounting legal bills prompted the sale of the Huizar's El Sereno Rental Home.
CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar in his disdainful persona.
Just in the last week alone, we learned that many Downtown LA Money Interests "were implored by Councilman Huizar (and Staff)" to donate money to his Alma Mater, Salesian High School, during the time his wife was employed as the Private School's Fundraiser, which contributed to a Motion approved by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) ........., that called on him to resign.
One day into the First Week of December, the fallout of Team Huizar's alleged ethical, legal and personal transgressions continues, with the cancellation of the 2019 Edition of "Bringing Back Broadway Event" ........., and what will happen next?
First, the Mayor Sam Blog has learned that Jose and Richelle Rae Huizar's notorious El Sereno Rental Home, was placed on the Market last week, with an asking price of $665,000. which is nearly 400% more than the 1999 purchasing price of $157,000. We should note that the couple nearly lost their home due to non-payment of Property Taxes in 2015
Why the haste of Richelle Rios Huizar LLC, to sell its El Sereno Rental Property? 
Second, in response to the LA Times Missive regarding the use of CD-14 Staff to help with Richelle Huizar's Fundraising Vocation at Salesian High School, we post here a link to our 2015 Exclusive on Councilman Huizar's allocation of discretionary funding to various community organizations ........, including a proposed $15,000 to his Alta Mater. Sources then (and again in recent weeks), opined that the rush of allocations in late 2014, may had been part of a scheme to use public funding for campaign purposes. 
What was the intent of the proposed $15,000 allocation of Discretionary Funds to Salesian High School in late 2014?
Third, as another now Ex Councilman Huizar Staffer (George Esparza), goes public regarding alleged unethical Workplace Behavior, discerning observers are renewing interest regarding the departure of former CD-14 Downtown Field Deputy Lilie Gross. The Mayor Sam Blog had mentioned the name of Gross, along with Pauline Medina, in a previous post that broached speculation regarding Workplace Misconduct. Multiple sources tell Mayor Sam that Lilie Gross is the God Daughter of Political Consultant Parke Skelton, who had consulted Councilman Huizar's previous campaigns ......, but was not selected (or chose not) to run the still-born Richelle Huizar Campaign-----Scott Johnson.
Will Lilie Gross became the next Ex Staffer to disclose the reasons for her CD-14 Departure??

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