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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Resign Cardenas Rally Monday Morning at Congressman's Van Nuys Office

The Mayor Sam Blog has been notified of a "Resign Congressman (Tonto Tony) Cardenas Rally" that will take place on Monday morning, May 21 (starting at 10 A.M.), in front of the embattled Northeast San Fernando Valley Politico's Van Nuys Office.
Congressman Tony Cardenas.
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer, veteran Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine Politico Congressman Tony Cardenas, is innocent until proven guilty (in an objective political society).

That stated, recent exposes regarding his fellow NSFV Machine crones Raul Bocanegra and Gerry Guzman-Martinez, makes it hard to outright dismiss the litiious allegation regarding the then CD-6 City Councilman (in 2011), that claims he drugged and sexual-assaulted a 16 year-old during a golf-outing.

Newly-elected LAUSD School Board Member Kelly Gones released a Statement that called upon Congressman Cardenas to resign (pictured below).

Statement from LAUSD School Board Member Kelly Gones calling upon Congressman Tony Cardenas to resign.
School Board Member Gones is not alone in calling upon Congressman Cardenas to resign as the Mayor Sam Blog has been made aware of a "Resign Congressman Cardenas Rally" that will take place tomorrow morning (Monday) in front of his Van Vuys Congressional Office (starting at 10 A.M.).
We should note for the Record, that Congressman Cardenas'es female cronies within the NSFV Democratic Machine CD-6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez-Guzman, CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and 43rd Assembly District Candidate Luz Rivas .........., have remain silent regarding the Congressman Cardenas allegation-----Scott Johnson.

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