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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

COMMUNITY ACTION ALERT!! CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo BANS Protest Posters and Banners from Lincoln Heights Community Meeting

COMMUNITY ACTION ALERT!! CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo, has BANNED Freedom of Expression (via Posters and Banners), from tomorrow's Lincoln Heights Community Meeting regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Development of FIVE Public Parking Lots, into MOSTLY, "Non-Homeless Housing".   
No Carrots for THOSE within the CD-1 Police State, who espouse Freedom of Expression via Posters and Banners.  
** Blogger's Notes: When CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo (with direction from Mayor Eric Garcetti) is exposed for his latest Backroom Dealings that would defraud Measure HHH (and adversely alter the Lincoln Heights Community) ..........., then its no surprise that the Politburo Establishment DEMANDS a crackdown on dissent. Weeks after feigning "Scheduling Conflicts (while searching for willing Communal Vendidos y Vendidas) in denying a direct meeting with his underlings, the aspiring future Mayoral Contender, will allegedly leave his exclusive Dacha Enclave, for a BRIEF controlled and choreographed appearance tomorrow evening in Lincoln Heights (as noted below). Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo has decreed that anyone within the Proletariat/Constituent Class, who DARES to express themselves via Banners, Posters or espouses reactionary conduct, will face DISAPPEARANCE from the Senior Center premises ................, CONTRARY to established People's Sanctuary Policy, as excerpted from the Human Relations Commission. 

Am I able to carry signs to hold up during a demonstration? Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 55.07 makes it a misdemeanor to possess during a demonstration, rally, picket line or public assembly any length of lumber, wood, or wood lath unless it is one-fourth inch or less in thickness and two inches or less in width, or if not rectangular, not more than three-quarters inch in its thickest dimension.

Thus, its seems that tomorrow's gathering (minus the lumber) should be a festive affair filled with flowing banners and creative posters, promoting a message that the CD-1 Clowncil Commissar CANNOT restrict ......... unless he wants to be the cause of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Episode-----Scott Johnson.
CD-1 Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo DEMANDS obedience from his Proletariat, or face banishment to the Larry "Nativo" Lopez Gulag of Constituent Re-education.  
Would CD-1 City Clowncil Commissar Broken Deal Cedillo, have youth leaders committed to the Eastlake Juvenile Re-education Facility, for merely expressing their First Amendment Rights, via Posters and Banners?  
Again, the respected "Thin Blue Line" are use as tools to Serve and Protect a Political Coward. 

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