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Friday, February 16, 2018

Photos from CHALE CON CEDILLO'S (Measure HHH LH Parking Lot Development Scheme) Night at the LHNC

As an over-flowing crowd of Constituents openly expressed their disdain of absence CD-1 City Councilman Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO", the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council stood up for the Greater Lincoln Heights (and Beyond) Community by Voting to approve a Motion to OPPOSE Councilman Cedillo's (along with Mayor Eric Garcetti') Measure HHH-financed LH Public Parking Lots Development Scheme. 
Mayor Eric Garcetti, CD City Councilman Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO" ......., and City Attorney Mike Feuer have a GROWING (and possible Litigious) Measure HHH Scandal in progress.
** Blogger's Notes: THE BACKLASH GROWS ............, in Lincoln Heights. Hundreds of Lincoln Heights Stakeholders PACKED the Monthly Meeting of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council in search of their, ALLEGED Elected CD 1 City Council Representative Gil "NO SHOW CEDILLO" .........., and did not hide their collective DISDAIN in being slighted, again. For the record, the supposed CD-1 Representative cited a scheduling conflict in rejecting a LHNC invitation to address Constituents regarding the proposed Measure HHH-financed Proposal to Develop Five Public Parking Lots along the Broadway Business Corridor ........., into MOSTLY, non-Homeless Housing. The void of MIA LEADERSHIP via "Councilman NO SHOW CEDILLO" was singularly-replaced by the LHNC, which accorded their Stakeholders an opportunity to comment, express ..........., and then STOOD WITH THEM, in voting to approve a Motion that OPPOSED the proposed Developments-----Scott Johnson.
  NO SHOW CEDILLO did NOT CARE to attend Meeting.
Would Developer Geoff Palmer find agreeable the latest orange-tint of "NO SHOW CEDILLO"?
Absentee Representation fosters Constituents Discontent. 
NO SHOW CEDILLO inspires .............

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