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Thursday, February 15, 2018

"No Show Cedillo" Further Incites Lincoln Heights Backlash Against Measure HHH Developments

The Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council will ALLOW DISCUSSION from all Stakeholders this Evening (2-15-18) on a proposed Motion to Oppose proposed Measure HHH-funded Developments on five Public Parking Lots ........, as CD 1 City Councilman Gil "No Show Cedillo" cites "Scheduling Conflicts", as the reason to decline an Invitation to engage his Constituents.
While declining an LHNC Invitation to address Constituents (as noted in Letter posted below), CD-1 City Councilman Gil "No Show Cedillo (and Staff)", found time to meet with Sacred Heart Church Members in a recent "Divide and Conquer Engagement Series".   
** Blogger's Notes: The Greater Lincoln Heights Community will have a chance this evening to have their opinions heard on a LHNC-crafted MOTION TO OPPOSE the proposed Measure HHH-funded Development on five Public Parking Lots ........, minus its INVITED CD-1 City Councilman Gil "No Show Cedillo". As noted in a letter posted below, the suppose elected Representative, cited a "Scheduling Conflict" as the reason for disregarding Constituents request to engage him in dialog. INSTEAD, as the photo above gives witness to, the Officeholder was (and still continues to) cherry-pick PRIVATE audiences with those who may become willing enablers to his (and Mayor Eric Garcetti's) SCHEME to misappropriate Measure HHH Bond Money for a Crony Capitalist Makeover of the Broadway Business Corridor .........., that offers little (if any) Homeless Housing/Supportive Services-----Scott Johnson.                                                         
"No Show Cedillo" declines to attend this Evening's LHNC Meeting due to a "Scheduling Conflict (while engaging in PRIVATE meetings with potential, supporting enablers)". 
LHNC Agenda for tonight's (2-15-18) General Board Meeting.
** Historical Footnote: CD-1 City Councilman (and alleged Bernie Sanders supporter) Gil "No Show Cedillo "scheduled time" to meet personally with Donald Trump MEGA Donor Geoff Palmer ........., on the DAY BEFORE, the California Presidential Primary.

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