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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

A Bloggin Top Ten (and Beyond) Watch List for 2018

On this First Official Bloggin Work Day of 2018, we channel mind to keyboard in detailing our Top Ten (and Beyond) Watch List regarding the increasingly undemocratic, CADEM/Special Interests United Establishment (along with their local underlings) within Ciudad de Los Angeles.
A Bloggin Top Ten (and surely Beyond) List of Topics for 2018. 
** Blogger's Notes: Please pardon the momentary inhale ........, as we attempt to locate our inner-buzz of 2018 and thanks to the normal inaction of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee (with assistance from City Attorney Mike Feuer), your local non-medical Ganga-cravings will need LEGAL fulfillment beyond the municipal boundaries. Regaining focus, the Bloggin Blue Dawn of 2018 within "Cubafornia on the Pacific", has been blessed by the LOYAL Resistance with the Signage, pictured below, that remind the Four Million-plus PRESIDENT Donald Trump supporters of their Minority Status within the CADEM/Special Interest United-controlled People's Sanctuary. Formalities aside, 2018 with its much-anticipated "Mid-Term (and Statewide) Elections" in November, will surely supplement the always-bountiful LOCAL amount of bloggin musings, making the exercise of condensing a Top Ten Watch List ..........., BEYOND expectations (below)------Scott Johnson.     
"Welcome to the Cubafornia on the Pacific Criminal Republic".
1. The Special and Regular 39th Assembly District Elections: With the disgraced Raul "PERVYnegra" garnering the dubious distinction of being the FIRST State Officeholder forced to resign via his documented past Acts of Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate Conduct, we ponder whether the 39th AD Electorate will return Patty Lopez to Sacramento?
2. Democracy Watch in Sunland-Tujunga: With the recent ACTIONS of CD-7 City Councilwoman Monica "#LadyMFraud" Rodriguez that targeted the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council's use of its recently-reinstated Office at North Valley City Hall, we have to question the commitment of the Fresh Face of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, to respect the work (and rules governing the operation) of the community-elected entity.
3. The Branding of Richelle Rios Huizar for City Council 2020: With the Spouse of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar on record in stating her INTEREST in seeking to replace him on the City Clowncil Central Committee in 2020, intuitive observers will SURELY monitor Richelle Rios Huizar's Husband use of taxpayer-financed communication mediums to promote #Richellary2020. 
4. The 2018 Coronation/Anointment/Election of State Senator Maria Elena Durazo: Democracy will be DAMNED (again) in Northeast LA as LA County Labor Federation Strongman Rusty Hicks, along with the CADEM/Special Interest United Establishment (with funding from United Here, SEIU, Chevron and Cash Tributes from ALL CADEM State Politicos), will CLEAR THE CANDIDATE FIELD to insure that LABOR SISTER Maria Elena Durazo replaces State Senator Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon.
5. The Old Gray Collectivist Resister on Spring Street (aka LA Times): We will continue to highlight the devolution of Objective Journalism and counter the FAKE NEWS that serves as supposed Resistance Pronouncements against the Presidency of Donald Trump.
6. Who will replace Assemblyman Matt DaPERVneh?: Can the LOYAL Resistance pull off the upset in taking over an (45th) Assembly District being ravaged by Property Crimes, going unpunished under the revised guidelines of Prop 47, 57 and AB-109?
7. President Eric Gar-SOFT-ee Watch 2020: Pipe Dream.
7a. Governor Antonio Villargovea Watch 2018: Electorate says ........., CHALE!!
7b. US Senator Kevin Alexander (of or de) Leon Watch 2018: Vanity Gone Wild.
7c. State Treasurer Mike Gatto Watch 2018: Reality says .........., NAUGHT!!
8. Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker featuring Brian Hews: Our favorite bloggin feature continues in 2018.
9. As always ..........., the current State of Political Affairs at 200 Spring Street: 
10. And NOT forgetting our local Neighborhood Council's DISFUNCTIONS:
** AND BEYOND: To be continued.
Chief Charlie Beck.
Southeast LA County Politics.
The Weed Leaf of Record (aka. LA Weekly). 
University of Scandalous Conduct.
Department of Water and Power.
Rigged LAPD Crime Comp Stats (and the PROMOTION of enabling Command Staff).
The Demise of the LA County District Attorney Office of Public Integrity
Los Angeles Community College District.
Empower LA
Broken Deal Cedillo
#MeToo Movement
Ruskie Lover Dana Rorhabacher
Road Diets Kill
The FRAUD of White Male-caused Climate Change.
.........., and who is Mario Maruffo?



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