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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Seventh Game Morning Brief on a Historic Sports Day in LA

On this Seventh Game .........., Dodger Blue will be the Official Color of Civic Unity as Angelinos prep to view (and Law Enforcement secure) the FIRST World Series Game Seven in Los Angeles History. ** The Morning After: Props to the Houston Astros on their FIRST World Series Championship. 
The Calm before the Seventh Game.
** Blogger's Notes: As we keyboard these words, Mother Nature's Ground Crew is about ready to roll up the Morning Overcast Tarp, unveiling a BEAUTIFUL Dodger Blue of Civic Unity ........., on this Historic Seventh Game in LA.

Come the Umpire's proclamation of PLAY BALL at 5;20 P.M., the late Actor/Director Jack Webb of Dragnet Fame will view from Blue Heaven, "Seven Suburbs United" as Angelinos pause to view HOPEFULLY, a Seventh Game Celebration. Some notes on the Pre-Seventh Day Scorecard, the area around Dodger Stadium, especially Elysian Park, is on lock down, literally. LAPD and Park Rangers have closed off park space above the Police Academy, down to Broadway. In addition, LAPD Divisions city-wide are contributing Patrol Officers to obvious, heighten security duties, in lieu of yesterday's New York City Terrorist Attack. Surely, a frequent-traveling Mayor Eric Garcetti would of been made aware by staff of the need to remind the "Civic Family of Angelinos", on exhibiting our "Better Angels of Decorum", in regards to celebrating a victorious Seventh Game, while reminding himself not to drop another F-bomb for public consumption ........, that would be UN-Presidential, whoops Mayoral-----Scott Johnson.

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