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Friday, November 03, 2017

TGIF Bloggin Teases on Content Topics Pending

On this overcast Friday, the Mayor Sam Blog engages in cyber-teasing on upcoming Exclusives involving Prominent Males and Females Associates of the Local Democratic (and Republican) Political Establishments.
What prominent Males and Females Associates of the respective Political Establishments will merit EXCLUSIVE bloggin coverage next week?
** Blogger's Notes: Great TGIF to everyone, especially to those sill in mourning over the Seventh Game. We want to give sincere thanks to the multitudes of discerning cyber readers who have partaken of our bloggin content in recent days. The Late "Mayor Sam" is above smiling on our upward-treading count of High Information/Intelligent Visitors........., and we want to remain steadfast in providing factually-based content that provokes thoughtful reflections on the daily issues of interest.

That stated, you will not want to miss our Monday Exclusive on Political Workplace Sexual Harassment ........., and those who have, or seek to benefit from their past SILENCE, regarding he (or she's) former Politico Boss'es Inappropriate Conduct. In addition, which well-known Political Consultant may have been an enabler to yet another FPPC Violation regarding illegal campaign spending? Plus, who is Russia's FAVORITE Southern California Politico Enabler? LASTLY, click in Sunday for another installment of ............., "Ask a Fake News/Propagandist Muckraker ....., FEATURING Brian Hews. Great and Safe Weekend, with THANKS to Everyone-----Scott Johnson.

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