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Saturday, November 04, 2017

A Bloggin Teachable Moment in Campaign Mailer Proof -Reading

The Mayor Sam Blog presents this Teachable Moment in Campaign Mailer Proof-Reading via the ABC (Artesia, Bloomfield and Carmenita) Unified School District (ROOKIE) School Board Candidate H. Ernie Nishii.
Can you find the BIG OOOOPS in proofing this Campaign Mailer?
** Blogger's Notes: Great Saturday to all as we reconvene our irregular sessions of Mayor Sam Bloggin Teachable Moments. In today's installment, we introduce you to ABC Unified School District's ROOKIE Board Member Candidate H. Ernie Nishii. The UCLA Law Graduate  must be pondering his legal recourse in recouping a campaign expenditure for a mailer with identity issues. 

A closer look at the photo above clearly shows a misplace circle and burbling of the WRONG candidate name .........., unless the ROOKIE Candidate Nishii was actually also endorsing the former Trustee Armin Reyes for a return to his former seat (survey says ........., NAUGHT). As bloggers, we understand the need to Proof Read our content before posting (especially when be reliant on the wonders of "Spollchecking") ..........., and surely, ROOKIE Candidate Nishii (and ABC Unified School District Voters) will always remember this Bloggin Teachable Moment in Proof-Reading----Scott Johnosn.
H. Ernie Nishii and supporters.

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