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Friday, October 06, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: CADEM Establishment Rigging State Party Endorsement in 51st Assembly District Runoff Election?

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the California Democratic Party will be hosting a "51st Assembly District Post Primary Endorsing Caucus" tomorrow (Saturday) in East LA, to allegedly, "strong-arm" the Official Party Endorsement, on behalf of the Establishment Wing Candidate of Choice ........., Wendy Carrillo.  
The California Democrat Party Establishment Wing Candidate Anointment Tour continues with State Senate President Kevin Alexander Leon endorsing Wendy Carrillo. 
** Blogger's Note: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the Establishment Wing of the Democratic Party is seeking to allegedly, "strong-arm/fast-track/rigged", the Official California Democratic Party Endorsement for supposed "Berniecrat" Wendy Carrillo .........., as THOUSANDS of ballots remain uncounted from last Tuesday's 51st Assembly District Special Election.
The California Democratic Party (CADEM) will host a "Assembly District 51 Special Election Post Primary Endorsing Caucus" tomorrow morning at the East LA Boys and Girls Club (10 A.M.) and there is RAMPANT speculation that the ESTABLISHMENT wants to quickly anoint Wendy Carrillo as its candidate of choice ..........., but one problem, the election results are NOT finalized.
Ideally, the process of endorsing a Party (Establishment) Candidate, would be predicated on a final determination regarding who placed first and second in an election, but its been an open secret that the Local Labor-controlling Machine within the Establishment Wing of the FRACTURED California Democratic Party, has been fronting Carrillo.
That stated, the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder will be updating its Election Count today at 1 P.M. ........, but don't bet against an Establishment Machine in regards to delaying the anointment of its choice to replace the 434th ranking Congressman Jimmy Gomez in Sacramento------Scott Johnson.

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