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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mayor Garcetti SPEAKS on Pervy Weinstein Scandal

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti used a Tuesday Noontime Sacramento Press Club Event to opine on various issues, including a repudiation of Disgraced Hollywood Producer Harvey "Pervy" Weinstein, as he divest his past 2013 Weinstein Contribution, into a donation to the Downtown Women's Center.
Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's comments at the "Liberal Women's March".
** Blogger's Notes: In an exercise of bloggin objectivity, we grant equal coverage to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's Sacramento Press Club Noon-time comments yesterday, which in part included a denunciation of DISGRACED Hollywood Producer Harvey "Pervy" Weinstein.  
Unknown to the Mayor Sam Blog as we were keyboarding our Exclusive on the past Garcetti and Pervy Weinstein Connection, the upwards-aspiring Politico was using a Sacramento Road Trip/Q & A Event to build Brand Recognition ..........., and condemn "Pervy" Weinstein.
Garcetti, speaking at an appearance at the Sacramento Press Club on Tuesday, said he had little personal interaction with Weinstein, noting he met the producer and his wife just once around five years ago. The mayor said he had received one political contribution from Weinstein; campaign finance records show the producer donated $1,300 to Garcetti's 2013 mayoral campaign. Garcetti said that money has been donated to the Downtown Women's Center, which offers services to homeless women. "Look, it was disturbing to learn. It is disturbing the response," Garcetti said. "And it falls short of what I would expect of any leader of any industry, so I think what has happened to him is right and just." Garcetti said he hoped the recent stories will inspire more women to speak out, not just about the powerful mogul, but their own experiences of abuse, pointing to what he called an "amazing Twitter thread" by writer Anne T. Donahue, in which women recounted tales of their "own Harvey Weinsteins."
......., or allegedly, a CERTAIN CD-14 City Councilman-----Scott Johnson.

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