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Monday, October 02, 2017

A Morning of Grieving for ALL affected by the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Our Prayers and Thoughts are with those affected by "An Act of Evil", targeting attendees of the Highway 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, that has left 58 Dead and 515 Wounded. President Donald Trump will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday.
Shedding Tears for the Victims of An Act of Evil.
Blogger's Notes: The ramifications of Sunday's night Las Vegas Mass Shooting, targeting attendees of the Highway 91 Country Music Festival are being felt here in Los Angeles. According to news sources, a LAPD Foothill Division Officer, two LAFD Fire Fighters and two LASD employees, were among the 515 wounded as the Death Toll reaches 58.
An extraordinary account of last night's Massacre has been posted by Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council Member Julie Jaskel Cuddihy who was attending the weekend-long, Highway 91 Country Music Festival with her children .........., and GLADLY, they are all well.
But in reading her raw, vivid (and fluid) account of the shooting and aftermath, she bares witness to a horrific act that will forever be a part of the lives of those directly affected.
For those wishing to help the victims, PLEASE call your local Blood Banks and consider donating, in lieu of the fact, that mass casualty shootings can put a tremendous strain on regional blood supplies----Scott Johnson. 

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