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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: "The Wendy Carrillo Campaign Funding Pipeline of Hypocrisy"

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the "Campaign Contribution Pipeline of Hypocrisy (funded in part by Big Energy Corporations)", that have joined with SEIU in financing a $300,000-plus Independent Expenditure (IE) Committee, supporting 51st Assembly District (AD) Candidate (and noted Dakota Access Pipeline Protester) Wendy Carrillo.  
51st AD Candidate Wendy Carrillo (center) with fellow Dakota Access Pipeline/Standing Rock Protesters during her two month sojourn in North Dakota.
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the monetary collusion of SEIU and Big Energy Corporations in financing an Independent Expenditure Committee on the behalf of the 51st AD Campaign of NOTED Dakota Access Pipeline Protester, turned Political Candidate Wendy Carrillo. SEIU surrogates (with connections to LA County Labor Federation Leader Rusty Hicks) recently created "The Working Families for Wendy Carrillo IE", which has been largely funded ($250,000) by the union's 2015 Local ............., and by a certain "Women in Power PAC (as noted in the photo below)". As noted in a CityWatch LA Missive authored by Ruby DeVera (a noted Candidate Luis Lopez endorser), Big Oil Chevron continued its usual giving to IEs supporting candidates with hypocritical proclivities. But upon further review of the financial documents via the "WIP PAC", the INTEGRITY of the Dakota Pipeline Protester, now repeat (within weeks of losing Congressional Race) Candidate for Public Office, will be seriously QUESTIONED, if she does not repudiate the contributions from the likes of PG & E and Sempra Energy, who's "past issues with pipelines", are documented below-----Scott  Johnson.

"Women in Power PAC's" DIRECT Contribution to Wendy Carrillo Campaign. 
"Women in Power PAC" Contribution to "Working Families for Wendy" IE Committee. ** Afternoon Update: WIP PAC just reported another $31,000 contribution to "Working Families for Wendy". 
PG and E's (responsible for the 2010 San Bruno Pipeline Explosion) donation to WIP PAC ......., and the "Working Families for Wendy" IE Committee.
Sempra Energy's (responsible for the late 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Field Leak) donation to WIP PAC ......, and "Working Families for Wendy" IE Committee. 
Big Oil Chevron's (responsible for its Richmond Refinery Explosion) donation to WIP PAC ......, and the "Working Families for Wendy" IE Committee.
Outing a Rusty Hicks 51st AD Campaign Scheme ........, and the BOUGHT hypocrisy of his chosen candidate?

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