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Monday, September 18, 2017

A Ready, Set .........., Road Diet-inhibiting Evacuation Brief from Sunland Tujunga for Monday

As new CD-7 City Councilperson Monica Rodriguez engaged in "Lights, Cameras, Photo-Ops" during the recent La Tuna Fire, the supposed "Ready, Set, Go Evacuations" of Constituents, along with the ability of First Responders to facilitate them, were imperiled by her supported, Foothill Blvd Road Diet. 
"Lights Camera, Photo-Ops (with appropriate wardrobe)" for CD-7 City Councilperson Monica "Fire Marshall Lady M-Rod" Rodriguez.

** Blogger's Notes: As new CD-7 City Councilperson Monica "Fire Marshall Lady M-Rod" Rodriguez engaged herself in the "Lights, Cameras, Photo-Ops Duties" of an Elected Official during a civic emergency, as exampled by the recent La Tuna Fire, the daughter of a former LAFD Fireman, apparently FAILED to ensure a speedy, "Ready, Set, Go Evacuation" of her Constituents. 
According to a KABC 790 AM Report, Sunland Tujunga Resident's ability to vacate their homes (and First Responder's ability to facilitate), were severely constrained by an imposed Foothill Blvd Road Diet (that constricted Foothill Blvd to one lane in each direction) supported by the Councilperson. 
Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council (STNC) Member Pat Kramer stated the following;

“We had thousands of motorists coming through our community on one single lane,” Kramer stated. “We also had emergency vehicles trying to get through who were unable to navigate the cars. Cars had to drive up on the bollards. In some cases, up on the sidewalk and we were told that LAPD had to send in motorcycles because they couldn’t get their cruisers through.”

Further, sources tell Mayor Sam that supposed protocols that would of removed the bollards in time of a civic emergency (ie. a major brush fire), were not initiated ..........., despite the FACT that Councilperson Rodriguez was traveling from one location, to the next, in search of "Lights, Cameras, Photo-Ops" opportunities.
The STNC wasted no time in voting to ensure NO future, "Ready, Set, Road Diet-inhibiting Evacuation FUBARs", by calling upon their NEW Councilperson to remove the Foothill Blvd Constriction that, NOW CD-7 Statffer Eve Sinclair enabled (on behalf of Rodriguez and Mayor Eric Garcetti) during her time on the STNC Board.
It remains unclear whether Councilperson Rodriguez will respect the WISHES of her constituents----Scott Johnson.

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