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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Bloggin Clear Cutting of a RL Miller Facebook SPIN Posting regarding 51st AD Candidate Wendy Carrillo's "Funding Pipeline of Hypocrisy (with funding from Big Timber)"

We engage in a thematic, Clear Cutting Deconstruction of "Climate Hawks Vote" Co-owner R.L. Miller's Facebook Post (ie. myopic Spin), regarding the ALLEGED smearing of 51st Assembly District (AD) Candidate Wendy Carrillo, via the FACTS of Big Oil, Energy ........, and TIMBER's funding of her Campaign-supporting "Women in Power (WIP) PAC".
WATER IS SACRED ........, before Wendy's BIG TIMBER contributors clear cut its cleansing watershed.
** Blogger's Notes: With NO apologies to a certain "R.L. Little" of the Climate Hawks Vote Super PAC, we engage in a thematic, Clear Cutting Deconstruction of her Facebook Post/SPIN to our alleged, bloggin smearing of 51st AD Candidate Wendy Carrillo yesterday (Wednesday). For the record, we have cut and pasted Little's comments in whole ........., and we (BOLD) our responses to her keyboard utterances-----Scott Johnson.    

I want to talk about smearing (spin speak for outing inconvenient facts) of a candidate. I've been contacted by multiple people, both pro and con, regarding Wendy Carrillo, candidate for 51st Assembly District, and whether she's taken money from Chevron or not. I dug into the claims behind a particular blog post, and found some facts.
A Clear Cutting Deconstruction through the Spin Forest.
The women's caucus in the legislature (Nancy Skinner, Laura FriedmanCristina Garcia, etc) has a PAC, Women in Power PAC, to elect - wait for it - more women (women, like men, can serve the wishes of the financing Special Interests). The PAC is bipartisan. It's taken in $109,500 from January 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017, and it raised that money from a lot of different places. It's taken in $5,000 from Chevron in June 2017. It's also taken in $5,000 each from the Cal Nurses Association PAC (you know, the pro-SB562 people), the SEIU United Healthcare workers PAC, the classified school employees union, and the building trades PAC, among many many other donors. (PLUS, $5,000 each from Sempra, Calpine, Chevron and PG & E ......., equaling 20% of the total donations)
TIMBER!! The California Forestry Association contribution to the Wendy Carrillo-supporting "WIP PAC".  

The women's PAC has contributed $4,400 to Carrillo's campaign - the maximum it can legally contribute (TRUE).

The women's PAC has also donated $31,250 (FALSE, its over $60,000 ......, equaling 60% of the contributions) to a PAC supporting Carrillo. This is known as an independent expenditure or IE in Sacramento language. This happens ALL THE TIME. The PAC supporting Carrillo decides how to spend the money (Rusty Hicks concurs, allegedly).
TIMBER!! The Humboldt Redwood (harvesting) Company contribution to the Wendy Carrillo-supporting "WIP PAC". 

This doesn't prove that Carrillo takes money from Chevron. It proves that Carrillo takes money from a PAC whose stated goal is electing more (enabling political) women to the legislature and which solicits money from sources as ideologically diverse as Chevron and the nurses' union (PLUS, money from Big Energy ....., and Big TIMBER).

That's all.
I don't have a dog in this fight; I haven't endorsed, either on behalf of Climate Hawks Vote or personally. I just want to see the fiercest climate hawks (with the backing of Spotted Owl-killing Big TIMBER Corporations?) win every election. And I want Democrats to be honest with each other rather than smear each other (kinda like Billary rigging the Democratic Primary against Comrade Bernie, but I digress).
TIMBER!! The Spotted Owl-despising Sierra Pacific Industrie's contribution to the Wendy Carrillo-supporting "WIP PAC".  
And yes, I'll be speaking w/ whoever runs WIP PAC as to whether it should be taking money from Chevron at all (what about Big Energy ......, TIMBER?) .
Read the facts (via), not the over-the- blog posts ......., (such as Mayor Sam ;) ;))
Hopefully this Clear Cutting, Blogging Deconstruction will help RL Miller view the TRUTH behind Candidate Carrillo's Surrogate's fiscal priming of their "Funding Pipeline of Hypocrisy".  

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