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Monday, August 07, 2017

HOT Morning Briefs of the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

It should be time to say SAYONARA to any future political aspirations for Unlawful Cubafornia State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (aka. K.A. Leon) as The Sanctuary State Bill Author invites Pacifica Services (and his Appointee to the High Speed Rail Commission) Ernest Camacho, on a Junket to Japan.
From the Facebook Page of State Senator Holly Mitchell: State Senate Presiding Officer K.A. Leon (in gray t-shirt) and Ernest Camacho (third from right in white shirt) in Japan with other members of the Cubafornia Junket Delegation. 
** Blogger's Notes: A bloggin KONNICHIWA to all, especially to Unlawful State Senate Presiding Officer Kevin Alexander of Leon (aka. K.A. Leon, or the Politico Self-branded as Kevin De Leon), ......, and his Junket Companion Ernest Camacho of Pacific Services. K.A. Leon appointed the Pacifica CEO to the California High Speed Rail Authority Board of Directors last Spring. Thus, one can surmise that Camacho spent his time in Japan absorbing information on recent incarnations of the famous Bullet Trains .......... and pondering how his company can someday replicate its past Central Basin Water District Billing/Handout Practices, in garnering some future spoils.

Sock Puppets of Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (as exampled by Eve Sinclair) (BONC) DO NOT count toward the establishment of Quorum.
** We want to commend the Los Angeles Neighbor Council Coalition (LANCC) for their support of the SINCLAIR/MAGGIE DQ ACT (our bloggin name) that would request that the Mayor obtain the RESIGNATION of BONC Commissioners who miss five meetings in a twelve month period. Thus, sending a message that campaigning/shilling/bearing false witness on behalf of city council candidates, should NOT become paramount in place of BONC Commission responsibilities ......... unless one is seeking "Post-Election Gainful Employment" as a Councilwoman BIG OIL Monica Staffer. 
The Wesson Benefits of Enabling on behalf of the University of Scandalous Conduct (aka. USC), allegedly.
** As the EXCLUSIVE Rich and Powerful that constitute the University of Scandalous Conduct (aka. USC) Board of Trustees remain SILENT (with the exception of three member, including Hamlet Mayoral Aspirant Rick Caruso), regarding the LA Times multi-part expose on the disgraceful behavior of FORMER USC Keck Medical School Dean Dr.Carmen Puliafito, discerning stakeholders ........., and objective investigated entities NEED TO REVISIT the Wesson Political Family Benefits for past enabling of the USC Communal Agenda. 

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