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Monday, June 26, 2017

We're on Bloggin Happy Fiscal New Year Vacation

A perfect mini-storm of work obligations, mixed with family and minor medical issues have contributed to a bloggin light month of June. Thus, with the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year nearing its appointed end its time for a mini-vacation to RECHARGE body (healing a right wrist sprain) and mind ............, just in time to commence our coverage of the latest Special Election (51st Assembly District) ........, if Jimmy Gomez ever decides to leave.
On bloggin RECHARGE mode for the coming 2017/2018 Fiscal New Year.
** Blogger's Notes: As the above intro states, the time is right for our annual Mind and Body RECHARGE Vacation to celebrate the looming 2017/2018 Fiscal Confiscation New Year (and another year of being). Mind and Body are in agreement that NOW is the time partake in our annual Highway 395 Getaway, especially with the Sierras engaging in a bountiful Runoff of soothing fresh water ..........., with nearby Hot Springs on stand by for beneficial mixing.  
When we return on Fiscal New Year Day 2017 (July 1), there is a LIKELY possibility that CURRENT Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez will still be in "Cubafornia on the Pacific One Party Legislature" as his vote is needed by Cubafornia Governor El Moonbeam II, to preserve the One Party State's Cap and Trade Scam/Program.  
That stated, we seriously ponder whether the Riverside Native is experiencing a "Bout of Politico Remorse (kinda like Buyer's Remorse)" after coming off the HIGH of defeating the "Big Red Morrison Political Machine (with NO credit from the Fake Main Stream Media)" ......., only to realize that the "Fruit of his Congressional Victory", will quickly rot into a long-term D.C. Banishment as an obscure Minority Party Officeholder----Scott Johnson.
Jimmy Gomez's Burro (via Riverside) getting tire of waiting to unload Congressional Carpet Baggage.

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