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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tony Villargovea's President Trump Impeachment/Resignation Comments prompts "Failure Mayor Villar (then Raigosa) Scandalous Bloggin Flashbacks"

An Increasingly-irrelevant California Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villar (now Govea)'s comments regarding the need for President Donald Trump's Impeachment/Resignation, prompts numerous "Former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar (then Raigosa) Scandalous Bloggin Flashbacks".
Are there MORE secrets to be found regarding "Tony y Charlie Cabo Misadventures", compare to President Trump's ALLEGED Russia Collusion?
** Blogger's Notes: With the 2017 Installment of the City of Los Angeles Municipal Elections, now another past affirmation of Establishment anointments, we can find cause to engage in an episode of Scandalous Bloggin Flashbacks, compliments via the recent AHHHHTTERANCES by  California Gubernatorial Candidate Tony Villar (now Govea).
“If the facts are as reported, yes, the president should and will be impeached if he doesn’t resign first,” Villaraigosa, a former Los Angeles mayor said in response to an inquiry from The Sacramento Bee of leading Democrats in next year’s race. “Asking the director of the FBI to drop a criminal investigation and then to fire that director when he refuses is obstruction of justice.”

The comment, in lieu of this weekend's "Cubafornia on the Pacific" Democrat Party Convention, can easily be discerned as an "Exercise in Pandering" to the rabid, "Ruskie Collusion Truthers (as personified by Congresswoman Maxine Waters)" of the "Cubafornia on the Pacific's Ruling Political Party", which is one of Tony V's best political traits ......, especially when seeking to reincarnate his Political Identity.
Former President Barack "Hussein/Hypocrite" Obama's INFAMOUS Flexible Comment to Russian President.
That stated, we CANNOT help to chuckle that a FOUR TIME BAR EXAM FAILURE via the People's School of Law, would be sought out for attribution by the Sacramento Bee regarding whether the alleged acts of (and STILL unsubstantiated) Obstruction of Justice by President Trump, merits Articles of Impeachment. but lets not forget the City Terrace Native was once referred to as the "Latino Tony Blair", early on in his choreographed, "Pop Star Mayoral Administration (before Mirthala)"
But what many longtime, OBJECTIVE "Tony/Antonio Villar-(then Raigosa, now Govea)" observers will not forget, are the multitudes of Scandals that could not be whitewashed by the formerly, "LA ANTONIO TIMES", thanks in parts to substanced reporting in the LA Weekly (11% Mayor by Patrick Range McDonald), LA Daily News (the TRUE Tony Villar Exclusives by Tony Castro) and culminating in the "Failure Mayor Classic Cover Story in Los Angeles Magazine.
It ironic that the Gubrnatorial Candidate Villar (now Govea) would readily accept being attributed further, in supporting an Independent Prosecutor, when he was the RECIPIENT of Mega Contributions from the likes of former Downtown Developer Richard Meruelo and Renewable Energy's Ari Swiller, who's land purchese schemes merit revisting.
The BASICS via the Daily News, regarding Meruelo's 2006 Taylor Yard Eminent Domain Payout by LAUSD.

Here are the basic facts: The LAUSD wanted the 23-acre property along the banks of the Los Angeles River for a new high school in the Eastside neighborhood. But the district was edged out by prominent downtown L.A. developer Richard Meruelo, the No. 1 contributor to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's political campaign. Meruelo came out of nowhere to scoop up the property rights when school officials say they were getting ready to buy it. Now the LAUSD is looking at seizing the land through eminent domain, paying a fair-market value ....... which ended up costing $50 MILLION DOLLARS.

Eerily familiar was Ari Swiller's Renewable Resources purchase of the Onyx Ranch in Kern County, a property coveted by the DWP, as the LA Times reported

A business venture led by a friend and advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa outmaneuvered the city last year to buy land in Kern County that the Department of Water and Power wanted for a wind farm. In the case of Onyx Ranch, the venture headed by Swiller beat the DWP to the land, bought it for $48 million and, before the transaction was completed, offered to sell less than half of it to the utility for $65 million ........, which fell through.

Unlike the President Trump allegations, which are a byproduct of a Wife of Bill Clinton Campaign-colluding Main Stream Media's "Exercise in Attributing Anonymous Resources via ILLEGAL INTELLIGENCE outing of American Citizens, (allegedly)", the past links of, NOW FAILURE MAYOR Antonio Villar-(then Raigosa) to Mega Donors attempting to profit from alleged, INSIDER INFORMATION on desired Property Aquisitions, were/are more worthy of a Federal Grand Jury Investigation .........., and MERIT revisiting by "Cubafornia on the Pacific Voters" in 2018----Scott Johnson.

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