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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Universially-condemned, Scandalous Conduct of USC Vice-President Martha Escutia

An universal condemnation of University of Southern California (USC) Vice-President (and former State Senator) Martha Escutia's Scandalous Conduct via her VULGER INSULT of President Donald Trump, is growing as President Max Nikias faces a communal ........, and potentially fiscal backlash.   
USC Max Nikias and the Board of Trustees have an Image Crisis, again.
** Blogger's Notes: University of Southern California (USC) President Max Nikias is facing a growing universal condemnation of his/school's Vice-President for Government Relations (and former State Senator) Martha Escutia's SCANDALOUS CONDUCT at last weekend's California Democrat Party (CADEM) Convention in Sacramento (view photos of V.P. Escutia below). V.P. Escutia can be seen joining out-going CADEM Party Chairperson John Burton in a "F-Trump Chant (with Middle Finger Salute)". Multiple sources are commenting that the absence of condemnation of V.P. Escutia actions by the USC Administration, is an example of hypocrisy, in comparison to the ramifications (and firing of ) fprmer USC Football Coach Steve Sarkisian,in part for his INFAMOUS behavior at a "Salute to Troy Event". Further, community activists are also taking note of V.P. Escutia's silence regarding the Racist Insult ("Go back to India") directed at unsuccessful (and later controversial) CD-1 City Council Candidate Joe Bray-Ali, at a contentious Pico Union Candidate Forum, which she attended. President Nikias CONTINUING absence in not formally responding to the recent behavior of V.P. Escutia (and her underlings, including David Galaviz and Zul Surani), does not bid well for an University (embroiled in Scandalous Conduct), future communal relations----Scott Johnson.
USC Vice-President (and former State Senator) Martha Escutia's Obscene Disrespect of President Donald Trump at last weekend's California Democrat Party Convention.
Former USC Football Coach Steve Sarkisian's INFAMOUS conduct at "Salute to Troy Event".
Out-going California Democrat Party Chairperson John Burton leading a vulger, "F-Trump (with Midddle Finger) Chant".
Who is engaging in a Vulger Insult of the President of the United States?
No one should be laughing or clapping regarding the repugnant behavior of California Democrats.

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