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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The May Runoff Morning After Briefs

On this morning after the 2017 May Runoff Elections, Charter School Advocates are the BIG WINNERS as their new, allied LAUSD School Board Majority, NOW includes newcomers Nick Melvion and Kelly Fitzpatrick-Gonez. In addition, CD-1 Councilman Gil Cedillo won Re-election by a BIG margin and the Ethically-challenged Monica Rodriguez narrowly defeated Karo Torossian in CD-7. ** Click here for Election Results.
Will the LAUSD School Board feature a Second Incarnation of "President Monica Gorda Boo Boo Garcia"?
 With the Imploding Joe Bray-Ali Campaign vanquished, the NOW Second Term CD-1 City Councilman (and friend) can enjoy some Quality Time, as pictured below.
Rapido Big O!!! 
Despite MEGA Establishment Support and multiple, alleged Ethics Violations, "Team Lady M Rod" inherits a DIVIDED CD-7 Council District.



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