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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Will the "Higher Office Path of Least Resistance" of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, lead to a 2020 Presidential Campaign as the New York Times reports that National Donors have broached the idea with Allies of the just Re-elected Mayor (who is STILL pondering a 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign).
From the KFI John and Ken Show Mayoral Debate: How would the National Democratic Electorate receive a "Yoga Pants Garcetti for President Campaign"?
The thought of a possible "Yoga Pants for President 2020" has motivated us to channel the former Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who sought to find a lucrative return on registering Domain Names, as exampled by "RightTarded.com", "LeftTarded.com" and the CLASSIC "DealonDrugs.com" ........., in crafting our creative terms listed below.
** As the News Media reports on the latest large OVERTIME Payouts to Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Fighters, absent is any reporting on an alleged "Bonus for No Overtime Authorization Scheme" between LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Divisional Patrol Captains ..........., including NEW Hollenbeck Division Captain III Ruby Flores (formerly Malachi).  

How much will Chief Charlie Beck (with Wife above) enrich alleged, CLOSE FRIEND, Captain Ruby Flores (formerly Malachi) for cutting OVERTIME allocations to Patrol Officers at Hollenbeck?
** The Mayor Sam Blog has learned that serious Legally-questionable Actions/Brown Act Violations may have taken place during the April 20, 2017 Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council General Board Meeting regarding a Letter of Support for the University of Southern California's QUEST to have LA County Land granted for its Biotech Corridor Proposal. More information later in an EXCLUSIVE Post.
Was USC (and Lincoln Heights NC Member) Zul Zurani a willing ENABLER to a Brown Act Violation that benefited his employee?


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