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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

John Perez Speaks ........, regarding Today's 34th Congressional District Special Election

Former California Assembly Speaker John Perez takes quick hiatus from his "Undisclosed Medical Treatment" to opine on today's 34th Congressional District Special Election ... and his comments may SURPRISE discerning observers.
Will voters flock to polling booths in today's 34th CD Special Election?
** Blogger's Notes: For a Bleepin Moment, the former Renowned Assembly Speaker John Perez, was the apparent "First Cousin of Tony V. Congressman-designated (by the Democratic Establishment)", to replace, NOW California Attorney General Xavier Becerra ........, BUT, an undisclosed "Illness" forced an IMMEDIATE extraction from what has become a 24 Candidates Ballot. That stated, the Democratic Establishment "Politico" Website last Friday posted a "34th CD Special Election Q & A" with the former Assembly Speaker, seeking his insight on today's election which we excerpt below----Scott Johnson.

First Cousin of Tony Villar (now Govea)'s preferred Candidate: You’ve got folks like Jimmy Gomez, who’s got legislative experience and clearly has the lion’s share of elected official support and some of the mainstream, traditional labor organizations and other support, I think, could hit the ground running. I think you’ve got candidates like Wendy Carrillo, who comes with an absolute passion that’s palpable, but a very outside view of the world. I think she brings a lot of very interesting things to the table. And then you’ve got candidates like [Alejandra] Campoverdi, who has experience having worked in the White House, has great experience in terms of working both in the media and with the media.
First Cousin John's Prediction: Well, I think Jimmy Gomez comes in first place, makes the runoff. And the question is with whom. And so I think he’s significantly ahead of the pack, and then there’s a cluster of people – Campoverdi, Carrillo, [Arturo], [Maria] Cabildo, Carmona, [Robert Lee] Ahn – that are all clustered closely enough … that any one of them could be the other candidate in the runoff.
First Cousin John's Thoughts on former Huizar Staffer Sara Hernandez chances of DEFEATING Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez in a June Runoff: She’s another candidate that’s in that top tier. I think if I’m Jimmy Gomez, she’s the one I’m least concerned about because, one, she’s as insider as he is, so the insider-outsider fight doesn’t present itself in the same way. But between the lion’s share of the support coming from developers and her association with certain folks in a different ideological bandwidth of the education movement, I think she actually is the one candidate that makes Jimmy look like the left alternative of the options. And so, what you have is, if you look at Sara Hernandez, Wendy Carrillo, Alejandra Campoverdi as three potential women to make the runoff, Sara would be easy for Jimmy’s campaign to cast as being more conservative than he is.
........., and regarding First Cousin John's Health  I’ve been very lucky that I have very good doctors, and my health is proceeding well. It’s going to be a while until everything’s perfect, but I'm doing well.

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