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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Is Herb Wesson losing "Grip on Power" within the Los Angeles City Council?

As the reeling Joe Bray-Ali CD-1 City Council Campaign continues its forlorn quest for contrition, its defiance of a City Council President Herb Wesson-led "Call to Withdraw" from the May Runoff Election, is exposing "cracks of disunity" within the normally UNIFIED City Council.  
"The Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee".
** Blogger's Notes: Never underestimate the CAUSE and EFFECT your personal actions (both past and present) can have on those around you ............, especially if you are a very Mortal and Fallible Candidate for Public Office, as witnessed by CD-1 Runoff Candidate Joe Bray-Ali. 
On this "Seventh Day (Sunday)" as we keyboard this missive, the much-repudiated CD-1 May Runoff Challenger against Incumbent City Councilman Gil Cedillo, has not cried NO MAS, despite a Team Cedillo Onslaught, which exposed his past Controversial Cyber Commentary ........... and prompted a soul-wrenching, "Act of Bearing Self Witness"  to past personal transgressions in a effort to show GENUINE contrition for his outed failings of character.
Yet while ramifications of Candidate Bray-Ali's Controversial Past Cyber Commentaries (mixed with his personal confessions), has adversely affected his Campaign, one under-reported CAUSE and EFFECT of the Bray-Ali Campaign Implosion, is the exposure of apparent DISUNITY among the LA City Council ............, and a losing, "Grip on Power" by its presiding leader Herb Wesson.
There was once a time when the MERE ACT of not attending a meeting where the diminutive former State Assembly Speaker became the "Mini Amin Dictator of the City Clowncil Central Committee", was cause for revocation of Committee Chair Assignments (think Jan Perry and Bernard Parks).
That stated, it should been a GIVEN that the City Council President would of had unanimous support from fellow Central Committee Comrades for his Statement that requested Joe Bray-Ali withdraw from the May Runoff Election, but five members, Paul Koretz, Bob Blumefield, David Ryu, Curren Price .........., and JOSE HUIZAR did not sign on to the Statement.
We should note that CD-13 City Councilman Mitch O'Farell, who had earlier taken the rare occasion to ENDORSE the challenger Candidate Bray-Ali against Incumbent Colleague Cedillo, pulled back his support, leaving the five listed above to face scrutiny for their respective silence. 
But of further interest to discerning political observers, should be how Council President Wesson chooses to deal with those among his colleagues who declined to support the Statement directed at Candidate Bray-Ali ..........., especially his supposed CD-14 "Political Soul Brother".
As Candidate Bray-Ali continue to defies the likes of Council President Wesson's Statement to Withdraw, Wesson himself will come under further scrutiny if he DOES NOT condemn those who have remain SILENT in repudiating the past comments of Cedillo's Challenger ............., especially Jose Huizar and reduce his "Statement of Withdraw/Repudiation" to a hypocritical "Act of Political Posturing"-----Scott Johnson.
Will LA City Council President Herb Wesson weaken his Grip on Power by not condemning those who remain SILENT regarding CD-1 City Council Runoff Candidate Controversial Cyber Comments ..........., especially Jose Huizar?
Can Joe Bray-Ali find Contrition among the CD-1 Electorate?


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