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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Deconstructing a LA Times 34th Congressional District Post Election "Analysis"

We gladly DECONSTRUCT a LA Times Op Ed Analysis of April 4th, 34th Congressional District Special Election by Editorial Board Member Mariel Garza ........ that fails to cite the REAL reasons/background for Tuesday's still-pending results.
The Smoldering Ruins of Objective Journalism ......., on Spring Street.
** Blogger's Notes: Memo to LA Times Editorial Board Member Mariel Garza, its safe (during daylight hours) to venture out from the catacombs of your 34th Congressional District-located Employer (on Spring Street), in seeking to gather factual substance, pertaining to the ROOT CAUSES behind Tuesday's Special Congressional Elections, still-pending results.   
Judging from the opening paragraph of your minute, post-election analysis, you present a PREMISE that the 10% of Register Voters who cared to exercise their Constitutional Rights, based their Candidate Selection on choosing between siding with "Berniecrat Progressiveism" or "Clintonesque Governess" as excerpted below ...........

Whoa, what just happened to the progressive Democrat movement in Los Angeles? Voters in the 34th Congressional District not only rejected the Berniecrats in the special election to replace Xavier Becerra on Tuesday, they veered decidedly Clintonesque.

.........., well, not exactly.

Being respectful, and cognizant of the FACT of your former San Fernando Valley-centric "Scope of Work" with the LA Daily News, we gladly contribute our endemic knowledge of the 34th Congressional District Political Topography, in extrapolating on the, REAL root causes for Tuesday's non-certified results.

First, a 28% Vote Tally for Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez is not a "Clintonesque Governess Mandate". The Riverside Native's support is simply from those who continue to support a Democratic Establishment that answers to whoever is anointed its Candidates, and dispenses with the Patronage.

Second, the successful support for Korean Candidate Robert Lee Ahn, was NOT rooted in his supposed, "Clintonesque, Moderate Policies Positions". The REALITY for Candidate Ahn's making the June Congressional Runoff, is the byproduct of a SLIGHTED, Korean-American Community Push Back, against the controversial 2012 City of Los Angeles Redistricting Process, that "cut and sliced" Koreatown into multiple Council Districts, by those in the same Democratic Establishment supporting Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez.

Third, the DELIBERATE, non-unification of the Progressive Grass Roots. The prospects of Bernienista Candidates such as Auturo Carmona, Wendy Carrillo, and Kenneth Mejia in making the June Runoff, were not helped by their respective, voter-diluting Campaigns and via the ENDORSEMENT of the Assemblyman Gomez Campaign by prominent Northeast Progressive Leader Luis Lopez ............, who ANNOUNCED his intentions yesterday (again), to seek a POSSIBLE, vacated 51st Assembly District Seat, come June.

Fourth, the REPUDIATION of the Clintonnesque Machine-like Governess of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar. Female Candidates Sara Hernandez and Wendy Carrillo were the latest to FAIL in using the supposed CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Political Brand, in seeking Political Office. Wonder why?

Fifth, former "Maxim Model", turned former President Barack "H" Obama Official and LA Times Editor, do not make successful Congressional Candidates. Enough said.

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in the 34th Congressional District

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