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Friday, March 03, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Monica Rodriguez's Board of Public Work's "PAID, to Engage Potential Campaign Supporters Scheme" ......., raises SERIOUS Ethical Questions

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, a review of the Official Schedule belonging to former Board Of Public Works Vice-President Monica Rodriguez, reveals serious ETHICAL questions regarding whether she use her PAID position (and taxpayer resources) to ENGAGE future supporters and campaign staff, of her current CD 7 City Council Campaign.
Then Board of Public Works Vice-President Monica Rodriguez addressing, NOW potential supporters of her current CD-7 City Council Campaign.
** Blogger's Note: A week (and a day) after News Years, 2016, the City of Los Angeles Council District Seven (CD-7), was shaken by a Political Earthquake when then (now Lobbyist) City Councilman Felipe Fuentes announced that he would NOT seek re-election.
The abrupt announcement, follow by now Lobbyist Fuente's resignation in September, opened the political flood gates, unleashing a torrent of candidates, including a previous CD-7 Candidate Monica Rodriguez,  who's access to both private and TAXPAYER's resources, is the subject of a Mayor Sam Exclusive, regarding the alleged, ethically-challenged use of her former compensated, Board of Public Works Appointment (and resources) ........, in a "PAID to Engage (and seek) Supporters Scheme", benefitting her current CD-7 Campaign.

A review of her Official Work Schedule/Calendar (especially after the time of former Councilman Fuente's announcement not to seek re-election), discloses a troubling use of Taxpayer's resources to prioritize appearances, meetings and issues related to CD-7, while lacking documentation pertaining to Board of Public Works responsibilities. 
In the Month of February, then PAID, Board of Public Works Vice-President Rodriguez Calendar, listed numerous "FYIs" regarding pending CD-7 Neighborhood Council Meetings and appointments with community members, as exampled in a February 20, 2016 non-topic, get-together with Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council Beautification Chairperson Gail Carlson (as pictured below).  
Carlson is a NOW, listed Campaign Supporter as noted below.
Monica Rodriguez came through for my community and helping streamline several community improvement and beautification programs I had approved in CD7 over the last two years. She listened to me and the issues I had been having, and then stepped up to help me literally get our programs back on track within a matter of days. It was like a miracle. This is the kind of well connected, qualified and action oriented person that truly gets things done for the people of CD7 that we deserve representing us.”Gail Carlson is a small business owner and STNC Beautification Chair

The then Board of Public Works V,P. (and still undeclared CD-7 Candidate) Official Calendar in the months after February, continues their noting of FYI's regarding CD-7-centric events (and also served a "domestic tool" for the Rodriguez Household), while rarely, offering substance on the supposed, Full Time-duties of Mayor Eric Garcetti's appointee, in overseeing the departments under her oversight.
Instead, we find that the NOW, CD-7 City Council Candidates was doing her best "WENDY GREUEL IMPERSONATION" in conducting "business" with the likes of "David Dent" on April 26, 2016 (as pictured below).
For the record, David Dent is the "Monica Rodriguez for City Council, 2017" Campaign Consultant (a great benefit to get PAID to hire a future Campaign Consultant, allegedly).
d.dent consulting, Inc.   
(Other, non-individual)
Los Angeles, CA 90067-2313
Monica Rodriguez 
Council Member - District 7

1388424 - Monica Rodriguez for City Council 2017
E - Payment 
(Campaign Consultant) 

Period: 10/01/16 to 12/31/16

Continuing, the "PAID, to Engage Potential Campaign Supporter Scheme", is hard to dismiss via a June 4, 2016 Meeting with Sergio Rendon and the L300 Slate, especially when reciprocated with the following "supported verbiage" from a NOW endorsing community member.
 “Growing up in a working-class immigrant family and serving as a longtime community leader and public servant, Monica Rodriguez has the commitment, values, and strong work ethic to deliver at the highest level for the communities she serves. Monica will be a fierce advocate meeting the needs of the people in her district, solving challenges in each and every neighborhood, and creating new opportunities for Valley residents, families, and generations to come.”Sergio Rascon, Sylmar resident and Business Manager of LiUNA Local 300

Then there was the June 9, 2016 Meeting with Nidia Abrica, Owner of Mama Lichas Cafe in Sylmar,  and again, its hard to dismiss the REAL motive for Rodriguez's "face to face" with a CD-7 Business Owner, when mere months later, the following is posted on a now, CANDIDATE's website. 
Nadia Abrica supporting Monica Rodriguez for CD 7.
“Monica Rodriguez is a problem solver that cares about our community. Knowing Monica and her work ethic has taught me valuable lessons about service. I’ve watched her solve problems within minutes of learning about them. She knows how to make City government work for the people and as a longtime Sylmar resident, former educator and new business owner, I know that Monica Rodriguez is the leader we need to have a stronger community.”Nadia Abrica, Owner, Mama Lichas Kitchen, Sylmar

Simply, when does the Ethics Investigation begin?----Scott Johnson. 

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