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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Councilman (and PLUM Committee Chairperson) Huizar + "enabling Friends" = "Yes on Measure S".

If voters needed just ONE (of many) reason to mark "YES on Measure S" on their ballot, they only have to look at the enabling cabal of CD-14 City Councilman (and PLUM Committee Chairperson) Jose Huizar's "FRIENDS" ..........., and the role they play (and get compensated for) in helping Developers garner Approval for community-altering Projects.
"No on Measure S"= continuing RICHES for "Huizar's Friends".
** Blogger's Notes: On this Hump Day (Wednesday) of the week before Election Day, the "Yes on Measure S Campiagn" is "Going Deep" into the "Pay to Develop Fiefdom of CD-14" to highlight one of the MANY reasons for voting "YES on Measure S".

Los Angeles—Today, March 1, The Yes on Measure (S) campaign will hold a press conference with leaders in Boyle Heights to discuss the negative affects of gentrification. The Miami billionaire developers, the Fifteen Group, swooped into Los Angeles in 1998 to transform the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights into thousands of luxury housing units. Residence and leaders in the Latino community have been fighting these billionaire developers and the displacement they are threatening, ever since.   Supporters, joining Yes on Measure S include: Leonardo Vilchis, the Executive Director of Union de Vecinosa, leasders from El Comité de la Esperanza and community supporters.
When: Wednesday, March 1 at 11:00amWhere: Mariachi Plaza, Boyle HeightsWho: Yes on Measure S, Leonardo Vilchis, Executive Director of Union de Vecinosa and leaders from El Comité de la Esperanza.

Despite numerous pronouncements from CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar regarding his support for the PRESERVATION of the historic Wyvernwood Complex, the blunt reality for the residents is that the DAY is near (especially if Measure S is defeated) for the Fifteen Group's desire to "upscale" their property ........... and BENEFIT the "FRIENDS of Huizar".

Matter of fact, "FRIENDS of Huizar (pictured below)" are garnering contracts city-wide, in shilling for Development Projects that must be approve by the PLUM Committee .......... who Chairperson is Jose Huizar.

The "ROLE of Huizar's FRIENDS" in garnering approval for a certain Downtown LA Project, was made public to many in CD-14 (at a large cost) in an anonymous mailer that insinuated that Councilman Huizar predicated his FRIENDS being compensated ..........., before Development Projects being placed on the PLUM Agenda for review and approval.

We should NOTE that the supposed "Fishwrap of Record (aka. LA Times)" IGNORED (because of their NO on Measure S Editorial?) the fact that a person or group would spend mega-dinero to inform the CD-14 Community of what many, discerning political observers ALREADY know, that Huizar will Play, especially if his "FRIENDS" get paid ....... and the Integrity of your Neighborhood be damned----Scott Johnson in CD-14. 

Anonymous Mailer to CD-14 Households attacking Councilman Huizar and "Friends" for "Pay to Play Backroom Dealings" on a Downtown Development Project.
Former CD-14 Staffer Paul Viscaino, who founded the Urban Strategies Group with ........ 
 ..........., another former CD 14 Staffer Rogelio Navar, who now works for the Fifteen Group.
 Former CD 1 District Director George Magallanes, who's support of Huizar is opening doors (and garnering contracts) for his "Political Strategies Inc." ......., and was previously a Lobbyist for Viscaino's Urban Strategies Group.
Former CD-14 Office Director Arturo Gonzalez, who now works for Viscaino's Urban Strategy Group ........., and recently was shilling for Related California's HACLA Contract to redevelop the Rose Hills Housing Project. 

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