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Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Chevron-financed ........, "Oil and Gas Dealing Cedillo Campaign Radio Moment"

BIG OIL and GAS (via Chevron) once again spends mega-dollars in supporting the embattled CD 1 City Council Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" as he seeks another LONG TERM in Office. 
Chevron Welcomes You ........., to a Broken Deal Cedillo Campaign Radio Moment.
Is that a BIG OIL TAR BALL in the nose of Broken Deal Cedillo?
** Blogger's Notes: The following is a "Big Oil and Gas Dealing Cedillo Campaign Momemt", brought to CD 1 once again (in supporting the former "One Bill Gil") by Chevron. PLEASE note, that Chevron takes no responsibility any "ALTERNATIVE FACTS (ie. Broken Deal Cedillo's embellishments) that constitute the majority of this message (with the exception of its funding source ......., which is ABSOLUTELY TRUE)----Scott Johnson. 

* On March 7th, 2017, Vote (if "Nativo Larry" hasn't done in your name already, allegedly) for CD 1 City Clowncil Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
* He's a leader (in Special Interest Money) and fighter (for BIG OIL and GAS).
* "Broken Deal Cedillo" has a proven history of protecting (Developers via evicting residents) and (displacing Families via Gentrification) in L.A's mislead CD 1.
* He fought FRIEND Pete Wilson when Prop. 187 targeted (Illegal) Immigrant Families.
* Today, "Broken Deal Cedillo" leads the City Council Central Committee's effort to stand up against President Trump's anti-illegal immigrant agenda. 
* "Broken Deal Cedillo" fights for Gentrified, Luxury Housing, Developer's Rights (after receiving Contributions) .........,and of course BIG OIL (with smelly GAS).
* The Special Interest-financed Clowncilman has a plan to create jobs (via Crony Capitalism and rewarding of contracts) and revitalize CD 1 by importing more "Hipsters".
* "Broken Deal Cedillo" is endorsed by "Governor Moonbeam II" and Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee".
* On Wednesday, March 8th, you will awaken again to another LONG TERM of "Broken Deal Cedillo" as your Clowncilman (especially if "Nativo Larry" commits Voter Fraud, again).
*  PAID FOR (once again) by BIG OIL and GAS
PLEASE note ALL the potential OIL and GAS that Broken Deal Cedillo will let us exploit (at expense to communal health) for this Campaign Radio Moment (allegedly).

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