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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" Stop in Lincoln Heights

The second and last 2017 CD 1 City Council Election Debate/Candidate Forum became another stop on the "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" as constituents vented their collective frustrations on the inattentive, Second Term-seeking Career Politico. 
Sacred Heart Church Volunteer Robert Vega greets the audience at the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce/Neighborhood Council./Sacred Heart Church CD-1 Candidate Forum. 
** Blogger's Note: Disclaimer (again)!! In the Alternative Reality (maybe) mindset of CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", come Sunrise on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, ALL CD-1 Constituents will be represented for another Term (lasting the same length as the Lincoln Park Pool closure) by the former "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)". 
But in bloggin reality (again), the second and last 2017 CD 1 City Council Election Debate/Candidate Forum, became the second and (sadly) last stop on the "Broken Deal Cedillo Backlash Tour" with constituents confronting the current Officeholder with factually-based issues as the challengers (including approved Write-In Candidate Luca Barton) garnering positive audience support (minus the likes of Steve, Vera, Mario and others from the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce).
The capacity crowd gathering was not lacking in theatrics, sub-plot drama in the audience ......., and of course, pants-combusting embellishments (ie, LIES) via "Broken Deal Cedillo" regarding the FIVE city-approved Homeless/Affordable Housing Developments on Public Parking Lots in the community. 
During latter questions provided by audience members, the Councilman was "shown the back", via an elderly female tenant of a Lincoln Heights Apartment Complex, who are facing eviction after enduring alleged "Cash for Keys Intimidation" tactics ........, with no help from their Officeholder.
But more dramatic was the accusation directed at "Broken Deal Cedillo" by former "Voice Newspaper" Publisher/Editor (now Stan's Bike Shop Proprietor) Carlos Morales, that insinuated the former Assemblyman had "Blood on his Hands" for his support of AB-109 Prison Realignment, which is be blamed for putting the Killer of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer (who was accorded a "Moment of Silence"via Moderator Hugo Pacheco ) back on the streets.   
We should note that while the fixation of the audience was focus on the candidates, it was hard NOT to notice the presence of CONVICTED Voter Fraud Felon Larry (I Am Patton State Hospital-referred Defendent NATIVO!!) Lopez, who on GOOD source, stated that all the documented allegations about him are "Googled Alternative Facts" ..... but when confronted with a "Googled Fact" about his FELONY CONVICTION for Voter Fraud, was led away by his fellow "Broken Deal Cedillo" associates-----Scott Johnson.

Some of the 200-300 Candidate Forum attendees.
Audience Members directing Questions to the Candidates.
Banner supporting Lincoln Heights Elderly Tenants facing "Cash for Keys Intimidation".
Former "Voice Newspaper" Publisher/Editor Carlos Morales converses with AB 109-supporting (Cop Killer-enabler) Councilman Cedillo. 

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