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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mayor Sam Presents ......., the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival"

The Mayor Sam Blog PROUDLY presents the First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival", chronicling the numerous breaches of promises, lack of outreach, and the general disdain exhibited by the Career Politico formerly known as "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" towards his neglected CD 1 Constituents.  
Join CD 1 Clowncilman "Broken Deal Cedillo" and Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez as they share their Political Dinner Menu of "Cooking the Ballots (allegedly)". 
** Blogger's Notes: With Absentee Ballots arriving at the homes of Register Voters (alive, dead, or fraudulently created) within CD 1, now is the appropriate time to PROUDLY present the Mayor Sam Blog First Annual, "Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival". The inspiration for the below cyber presentation is simple, the once "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" has become a self-serving (the needs of his Developer Donors) Politico, who words/promises mean nothing (unless reciprocated with material gain, allegedly), We (or I) should be bloggin upfront in noting our past support of the Barstow Native, fours years previously ......, (please pardon the crow taste-inducing gagging reflex), but since then, the current Officeholder has become a mere tool/shill for the Establishment-sustaining Special Interests. That said, we hope you enjoy our cyber presentation, but MOST PARAMOUNT, vote to ensure that this Blog, need not have to post a Second Annual Edition of a "Re-elected, Broken Deal Cedillo Film Festival" in 2018 (necessitating another crow taste-inducing gagging reflex episode)-----Scott Johnson. 
GPIA CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-16-17
LHNC, Sacred Heart Church, LHCC CD-1 Candidate Forum 2-20-17.
Cyclist's "Chale Con Cedillo" Protest.
A CD-1 Promotion supporting the Autry Art Looters of the Southwest Museum.
A CD-1 Choreographed Misleading of the Lincoln Heights Community over Pasadena Ave. "Road Diet" Project.

Broken Deal Cedillo's attempts to cover up his links to President Trump Contributor (and him) Geoff Palmer.
Broken Deal Cedillo's atrocious City Council Meeting Attendance Record. 
Broken Deal Cedillo Protest in Cypress Park.

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