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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Mayor Sam Exclusive: Ethical (and Safety) Issues regarding the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we broach serious questions regarding the Ethical Standards pertaining to the Board of Director Governance of the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) ......., and the protocols (or lack of) that allowed the placement of an alleged Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Storage Container (with undisclosed contents) on its campus. 
 The Self-proclaiming "Emperor of Hermon" Joe Riser. 
 "The First Empress of Hermon (and HAT Inc. President)" Wendi Riser with appreciative CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar.  
** Blogger's Notes: In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we keyboard serious questions pertaining to the Ethical Standing and Safety Protocols at the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School. 

During the most recent Board of Directors's Meeting (no agenda posted on Website) on January 24, 2017, it was apparent (via our presence) that the current Board Members were lacking in knowledge of protocols that govern conduct at Public Meetings.

At one point during the PUBLIC MEETING (again, with no agenda posted Online), Board Members, which include the likes of Attorney Jose Montoya, Hermon Community Activist Joe Riser ......, and formerly included Taxi Lobbyist Marco Soto-Godoy, conducted a reorganization of the Executive Committee by simply appointing themselves to positions of choice.

In a ideal Public Meeting, a governing tool called Robert's Rules of Order would be the foundation for a FORMAL process of nominations and votes in the selection of Executive Officers ......... but the practice of formalities was a afterthought on this evening.

Another past practice found lacking at the recent LAICHS Board Meeting, was a Safety Protocol for an on-site location of a Storage Container (pictured below), during the proceedings, the question of the legality of locating the Storage Container (purchased by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council) was broached by a former Board Member.

According to Board Member (and former LAICHS School Employee) Joe Riser, the container was NOW the property of the Los Angeles Fire Department and being utilize for positioning of Emergency Supplies within the Hermon Community.

That stated, it was noted that NO SCHOOL STAFF had a key ............, or knew what contents, if any, were inside of the supposed, non-permitted storage unit. Afternoon Update: we received the following email regarding the CONFIRMED, non-permitted Storage Container at LAICHS.
Judging from the comments made at the LAICHS Board Meeting (and emails below), using Students to support the Hermon NC Aspirations of the Risers ........, is cause to breach Safety Protocols that are suppose to protect the same Student Body----Scott Johnson.  
The ASNC-financed Storage Bin at time of purchase.
Read emails below.

From: wendiriser@cs.com
Date: February 17, 2016 at 2:37:29 PM PST
To: tonytorres1214@gmail.com
Cc: JosephR@mindspring.com
Subject: Re: Board Report - emergency bin
1. What materials are located inside the bin? I have a paper inventory list and will (hopefully Joe will scan for me) send those late tonight or tomorrow morning.
2. who owns the bin? LAFD per Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council 2/25/13.  I was told by LAFD at that time that the bin could remain placed in Hermon.  When the bin was moved to LAICHS I sent the following update to our local Fire Chief Terrazas:

From: wendiriser@cs.com
Date: August 15, 2015 at 8:25:51 AM PDT
To: ralph.terrazas@lacity.org
Cc: marklegassie@gmail.comzenay.loera@lacity.org
Subject: disaster recovery supplies

Chief Terrazas, 
FYI: the location of the Station 12 Hermon Disaster Recovery Bin is now 625 Coleman Ave. LA 90042, the site of the Hermon Emergency Village.  We understand the contents of this bin are for use by the LAFD for other non-Hermon emergencies as you see fit.  If you do not already have a key please contact Wendi Riser at 258.4654 or Mark Legassie at 895.MARK. 

Thank you for your service.
Wendi Riser
Hermon Safety Committee

3./4. what City of LA permits do we need to obtain in order to keep the bin at LAICHS on a long term basis and will Huizar be willing to waive any permit fees related to the bin?
Presently there is no permit we could obtain for storage at LAICHS.
Before the bin was moved to LAICHS we met with Los Angeles City Chief Lincoln Lee, Code Enforcement Bureau, Bldg & Safety, Kevin Ocubillo, Planning Deputy for CM Huizar, and Zenay Loera, Huizar Distrtict Director.  As Departments work for the Mayor, CM can recommend but cannot waive any B&S fees.  So, Keven and Zenay have been in contact with the Mayor's office, as only he can waive fees.  The Mayor put forward a Community Resilience Initiative and has recommended that communities be prepared for a much longer City response and make preparations now for their own disaster recovery.  It is to that end that the council office is reaching out to the Mayor - to allow more possibilities for placement of emergency supplies so communities can do what he is requesting.
FYI - It was City LAFD that said that the LAICHS site was the safest place in Hermon to gather people after a disaster.  That's when Mark Legassie asked Mr. Moseley if Hermon CERT could make LAICHS the "Emergency Village" for rescue coordination and disaster aftercare.  Mr. Moseley gave us approval.  Further, it was the LAPD that coordinated the move of the bin to LAICHS last summer and procured the company to move it.  So LAFD, LAPD, and the Council Office are all participants in the bin at its present location, and work is in action with the Mayor's office.
5. if the bin is not allowed to be kept at LAICHS, what alternate sites could it be moved to?
As far as I can tell, the City could only have 2 possible locations in Hermon.  Neither would work. 1. Hermon Park is in a liquefaction and flood zone, and 2. Debs Park is in a fire zone.  Besides ruling out most all of Hermon's commercial area because of being in a liquefaction zone, we have no commercial property that could or would accept the bin, and we have no membership organization that could cover the costs of the fees if placed at those sites.  Again, this is why the Council Office is working with the Mayor's Office.
Also, I have talked with LAICHS' art teacher and we are working on getting a removable vinyl cover for the bin that I will get donated, on which the art students will personalize in paint.  
Please let me know if I can get you anything else . . . .

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