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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez's CONTINUING Lack of Ethical Campaigning

Its apparent that repeat CD-7 City Council Candidate Monica Rodriguez has learn little about Ethical Campaigning, as alleged, multiple violations of Ethics Commission Rules regarding the use of City of Los Angeles Equipment and Official Seals, are made public via her Campaign Mailers.  
Use of City of Los Angeles Property and Official Seals is a Ethical Violation.
** Blogger's Notes: Please join in this bloggin flashback to a April 14, 2009 Ethics Commission Press Release pertaining in part, to a $9,045 Fine levied against a THEN, an alleged Republican/Business Democrat Female's unsuccessful Campaign against the infamous former CD7/2 City Councilman Richard AlarCON.

In a seventh case, the Commission levied a $9,045 fine against 2007 City Council candidate Monica Rodriguez and her committee, “Monica Rodriguez for City Council,” for 32 counts of soliciting or accepting contributions prior to filing a Declaration of Intent to Solicit and Receive Contributions in violation of Charter Section 470(c)(1), and for five counts of filing (did they mean "failing"?) to file copies of scripts or recordings related to recorded telephone calls made by her campaign in violation of LAMC Section 49.7.26(E)

In 2017, the now "Fresh Face" of the infamous (and litigious) Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine (with endorsed approval of Mayor Eric Garcetti), is AGAIN the focus of allegations that her NOW, Establishment-anointed Campaign, is showcasing contempt for Ethics Rules that prohibit the use of city-owned property and official seals, in voter-outreach material.

As documented above .........., and with additions evidence posted below, the "Lady M-Rod" Campaign, is fitting in well with her new Northeast San Fernando Valley Democrat Machine associates, in exhibiting an ethically-challenged CONTEMPT for rules that regulate election behavior.

That said, the BIG question for CD-7 Voters, is whether your electorate is going to cast a verdict on this alleged, CONTINUING ethical misbehavior (driven by blind, enabling political ambition) at the Ballot Box?----Scott Johnson.

The Ethically-challenged photo from above, as its appears on Candidate Rodriguez's Campaign Mailer.
Monica Rodriguez for CD-7 Campaign Consultant David Dent is apparently blinded to Ethics Rules posted below.
Legal language from the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission regarding use of City Property and Official Seals in Municipal Campaigns.

Can you find the City of LA Seal?

Can you find the uniformed LAFD Firefighter?

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