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Friday, February 17, 2017

CD-1 Councilman Gil Broken Deal Cedillo at Candidate Forum: "I WILL be your Councilman, again (constituents be damned)"

 In the first CD-1 Candidate Forum (with some debating), a self-assured Incumbent "Broken Deal Cedillo" takes to Phone ........, while a next Generation of Communal Leaders (Joe Bray-Ali and Giovanni Hernandez) CONNECTED with a capacity audience ........., clearly disenchanted with the current Officeholder. 
The Glassell Park Improvement Association (and partners) are to be commended for a well-attended and structured Candidate Forum (with some debating).
** Blogger's Notes: Disclaimer!! In the convoluted mindset of CD-1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", its a forgone, "ALTERNATIVE FACT", that come July 1, 2017, the former "One Bill Gil (with a Dream)" will again be granted another Term (Five-plus years) of Public Employment. 
But in bloggin reality, judging from the capacity crowd at last evening's Glassell Park Improvement Association's CD 1 Candidate Forum, the current Officeholder is clearly suffering from a narcissus-induce, nearly four year (and counting) episode of Political Myopia, that has blinded him from the REAL state of discontent among constituents.
For two hours, "Broken Deal Cedillo" was openly BOTHERED in having to defend his supposed record of accomplishments to a dismissive (and at multiple times, heckling) audience, as challengers Giovanni Hernandez, Jesse Rosas and Joe Bray-Ali, garnered sustained applause. 
At one point, "Broken Deal Cedillo" rudely disregard protocols by engaging in a phone conversation that prompted speculation that he was perturbed at the LACK of crowd support and was seeking the arrival of friendly seat-fillers (in a venue at capacity).  
On the subject of forum questions, most of the audience-submitted questions focus on Quality of Life Issues (Development, Affordable Housing, Homeless, Education) along with district-germane topics dealing with Bike Lanes, Open Space ......., and the lack of TRUST in the Officeholder.  
That stated, what many in the audience will remember was the Incumbent's dismissive disdain of his constituents, in espousing the coming formality of being anointed another Term in office ........, which may become a challenged, ALTERNATIVE FACT on Election Day----Scott Johnson. 
Did "Broken Deal Cedillo" phone Convicted Voter Fraud Felon Larry "Nativo" Lopez to provide more "Register Voters" during CD 1 Candidate Forum?
CD-1 Challenger Joe Bray-Ali greets supportive audience after GREAT Candidate Forum performance.
 Filling all seats with discerning Candidate Forum observers.
A CD-1 Candidate Forum Overview (from the bloggin back row).

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