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Monday, February 27, 2017

Another "Young Statistic" of Los Angeles "Embargoed (by Mayor Garcetti)" Rising Violent Crime Rate

As MIA/Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric "Gar-SOFT-ee" continues his EMBARGO on releasing the most recent Crime Stats, the Ramona Gardens Community mourns the senseless Murder of a Young Man (Jonathan Yanez), who's Death in a Saturday Mid-day (2:30 PM) Drive-by Shooting, is indicative of a continuing RISE in Violent Crimes within Los Angeles.  
Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee's continuing avoidance of Debates/Candidate Forums and the Disclosure of the MOST recent Crime Stats ....... is an Act of Political Cowardice.
** Blogger's Notes: The Barrio Grim Reaper reintroduce his evil self (taking the form of an alleged Drive-by Shooter), in a Mid-day Appearance on Saturday .........., and a family mourns a Young Man (Jonathan Yanez) taken too soon. 

The photos below, were taken by myself this morning, mere yards (and a building) from where I grew up in Ramona Gardens and judging from the makeshift memorial, the impact on a community (experiencing a positive renaissance) is profound ....., but BLUNTLY, the repugnant Act of Violence, was not unexpected.. 
In recent months, the Soto Street/Huntington Drive Corridor within the LAPD's Hollenbeck Division,  has become a "Tagger Battlezone", with various Gangs instructing their surrogates to define communal boundaries and "GO IN DEEP" on rivals .........., with the collateral BODY COUNT of the innocent, rising. 
Its also NO COINCIDENT, that the upswing in Violent Crimes (including Drive-by Fatalities) are a byproduct of AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57, as alluded to by "Rank and File Patrol Officers" ......., but correlating Crime Stats, are EMBARGOED for public review, via instructions (allegedly) from a certain, "Second Term-seeking Mayor". 
We also take note, that Mayor Garcetti has (timely) made his Crisis Response Team available to the Family of Pacoima Teenager Elias Rodriguez, who was found dead in the Los Angeles River (many miles from his home) ........, a need that should be replicated for the Family of Jonathan Yanez and a Community fearing a return of a "Drive-by Darkness (in daytime)"----Scott Johnson. 
 Memorial at the location of the Crime Scene.
Jonathan Yanez ........, gone too soon.

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