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Monday, January 23, 2017

Tweets via the Metrosexual/Tonto Politico Elites from Saturday's Democratic Cackle Fest

As evident from the Tweets below from the local Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, a supposed, unconditional, spontaneous gathering of females, was in REALITY, a "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST",, organize in part, by a Hamas/Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist .......,, with the help of the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros. 
Today we spoke out. Tomorrow we must act.
** Blogger's Note: Hola from our Bloggin Safe Space as Mother Nature has quickly cleanse the streets of Downtown LA after Saturday's gathering of the alleged, all-inclusive "Sisterhood". The Main Stream Fake News purveyors, including "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", would have indoctrinated you into repeating the Talking Points that NOW, President Donald Trump would be the WORST threat to the Sisterhood since Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle and Tony Villar went allegedly, trolling for ........., whoops, a Pro-life Republican was last elected President. In reality, a tardy National Democratic Party Establishment, with help from a "Woman-demeaning, Sharia Law-supporting Islamic Activist, the "Enabling Wife of Bill" and Billionaire George Soros, organized a nation-wide, "DEMOCRATIC CACKLE FEST" in which the likes of Madonna and Naomi Judd went NASTY with their respective, repugnant rhetoric. Locally, the local Sisterhood did themselves a HYPOCRITICAL DISSERVICE by associating with the likes of the "Cubafornia on the Pacific (formerly two-party California)" Metrosexual/Tonto Political Elites, who groom their policy stances to entice support from women, while passing legislation such as AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 that dumb down crimes against them ........,, but then, WHO CARES, especially if the "Politico Tontos" support their right to "ABORT ON DEMAND"----Scott Johnson.

from the Roll Call - who else was there??
Today Los Angeles and our nation came together to stand up for women and reject the policies of divisiveness and misogyny. California will always be a refuge for justice and opportunity. #WomensMarchLA
I march for my mother, my daughters, my wife, but also for my sons (in plural form Tony?). This is a movement of all of us taking a stand together.
In solidarity with - & nation letting Pres. know today we march, tomorrow we fight!



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