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Monday, January 23, 2017

Thoughts and Photos from the Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff

A Larchmont Village Pizzeria provides a refreshing, authentic neighborhood setting for the upstart Mitchell Schwartz for Mayor Campaign Kickoff as a certain, "Second Term-seeking Incumbent" continues his HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of any Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums. 
Mitchell Schwartz gives his prepared comments.
** Blogger's Notes: For a candidate seeking to become the Mayor of the Nation's second-largest city, the choice of setting for a upstart "Campaign Kickoff" was a refreshing, intimate reminder that maintaining the Character/Integrity of LA's diverse neighborhoods is PARAMOUNT
With the Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti's Campaign morphing into a 2017 Version of former FAILURE MAYOR Antonio Villar's 2009 Re-election Debacle (by not breaking 60%), by adopting a HYPOCRITICAL AVOIDANCE of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums, primary challenger Mitchell Schwartz is taking his "Message of Municipal Accountability" directly to the voter. 
From the street-front of Larchmont Village Pizzeria, Schwartz espoused a Progressive, but also a Fiscally-accountable Platform, that called for more investments in Clean Energy, Law Enforcement and the Neighborhood Council System, while prioritizing cost-saving Pension, along with DWP Reforms. 
But surely to garner attention from discerning voters, will be Candidate Schwartz's declaration that the Los Angeles Unified School District, needs to be broken up into smaller districts, which should promote some spirited dialog.
Yet, specifics aside, Candidate Schwartz projected a sincere, inclusive "Political Persona" that an increasing number of voters are finding lacking in the current Mayor ........, fixated on a upwards "Political Tomorrow", away from a city in need of communal-based (and preserving) Leadership----Scott Johnson.  
The Street-side Sign-In Table.
Silver Lake Neighborhood Council President Ana-Marie Johnson introducing Mitchell Schwartz to crowd.
A Mitchell Testimonial.
Candidate Schwartz working the crowd ....
..... while "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee" Yoga-prances around Campaign Finance Reform.

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