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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Morning Brief on the latest Separatist Decree via State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First

As the LA Times and the "Cubafornia on the Pacific Political Establishment" continue to exploit a 120 Days Immigrant Vetting Pause, "Cubafornianista State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" is attempting to FAST TRACK legislation that would make the former Multi-Party, Golden State ......., a One Party People's Sanctuary. 
"Cubafornia on the Pacific State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First".
Confederation States of America (CSA) President Jefferson Davis. 
**Blogger's Note: A Disclaimer: The following missive is a simple exercise in thought provoking, ......, and only that. Any insinuation of Racism is solely the property of those who are myopic in exercising objectivity based upon the facts----S.J.
Not long ago in the political past, a young Logan Beach (in San Diego) Union Organizer (and CLOSE friend of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez) found a Mt. Washington Domicile (via the couch of noted Democratic Activist Carol Jacquez and Bill Rumble, allegedly) .........., and with thanks to the late LA Political Machine Power Broker Miguel Contreras, was "MADE", a Special Interests-beholden Politico (with Carpetbag).
In 2017, the now self-proclaimed "State Senate El Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", who was a fleeting Vice-Presidential Option of the losing "Wife of Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign" is again, espousing his racially-tinged political rhetoric , that in hindsight, has commonality with another noted, American Separatist Leader CSA President (and fellow Democrat) Jefferson Davis.
Like the former Democratic President of the Confederacy, the Political Protege of Esteban Nunez's Dad Fabian, is seeking to exploit an ethinic (and Undocumented Populace) in furthering a self-enriching Political Agenda, as witness with his latest legislated desire to make "Cubafornia on the Pacific".a One Party People's Sanctuary.
The self-proclaimed (and inaugurated) "El Presidente Pro Tempore (and other supporters of the unlawful Sanctuary Confederacy)" know that their Political Futures are wedded to the continuing flow of an Illegal Immigrant Populace that becomes dependent on a Government Establishment (and Crony Capitalist Economic Culture) that enslaves them in a permanent Exploitation Class.   
In order to preserve their 21st Century Version of the South's King Cotton (now the Immigrant-exploiting Cubafornia on the Pacific) Economy, the now Cubafornianista Leadership, is repeating past Democratic actions, by challenging the Federal Government, feigning State Rights, by allegedly offering Sanctuary to those ........., who are in reality the latest generation of an enslaving, Exploitation Class. 
Thus, the political theatrics of the El Presidente Pro Tempore and his Democratic Brethren is no different than their 19th Century Political Forebearers,  who sought to preserve their Political Plantations (via preserving an Exploitation Class) at a GREAT cost to National Unity-----Scott Johnson.  

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