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Monday, January 30, 2017

Missing!! A Certain, Second Term-seeking Mayor continues Dodging Campaign Debates/Candidate Forums

We are officially on bloggin "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA Watch" as the Second Term-seeking Mayoral Incumbent continues his hypocritical dodging of Mayoral Debates/Candidate Forums as his First Four Years Record faces further scrutiny.  
PLEASE notify of ANY Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee  Campaign Debates/ Candidate Forum.
** Blogger's Note:  Please excuse the recent light blog postings as this logger'recovers from a leg injury while a Second Term-seeking Mayor continues his dodging of Debates/Candidate Forums. Mayor "Gar-SOFT-ee" who once was a proud proponent of LA's Campaign Finance/Matching Funds Program (which ensured that candidate take part in debates), has instead, become the Poster Person for unlimited Special Interests-financed Campaigning. Thus, in the bloggin spirit of supporting any type of in-person dialog among the Mayoral Candidates, we will post each day the photo above of "Gar-SOFT-ee MIA" ........, with a reason why the Rhodes Scholar, turned Hypo Politico, is dodging the act of standing up for his record----Scott Johnson. 

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