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Monday, January 09, 2017

Assemblyman Gomez gets BERNED in Delegates Selection Rehearsal for pending 34th Congressional District Special Election

 The Congressional Campaign of Assemblyman (and Wife of Bill Clinton Supporter) Jimmy Gomez, is reeling from the BERN inflicted upon it via Sunday's 51st Assembly District Delegate Elections by former Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (and Congressional Candidate Arturo Carmona) Progressive Supporters, in a possible Dress Rehearsal of the upcoming 34th CD Special Election.
Ahhhh, how do I explain my hand-picked Delegate Slate TRUMPING?
Former Sanders Campaign Official Arturo Carmona's Congressional Campaign is ASCENDING.
** Blogger's Notes: Its true ..........., and cause by humans (of Democratic registration). We are referring to a changing Political Climate in the 51st Assembly District that was evident via Sunday's MASSIVE turnout for the Democratic Party Delegate Elections ........, and the results do NOT bid well for the "Wife of Bill Clinton-supporting Establishment". 
In a stunning repudiation of the local Democratic Party Establishment, supporters of Bernie Sanders help elect a mostly Progressive Slate of Delegates, that will play a MAJOR role in endorsing future Candidates for Public Office in the DEEP BLUE political enclave.

By far, the biggest loser in yesterday's infra-party balloting was the Congressional Campaign of 51st Assembly District Officeholder Jimmy Gomez .........., and his alleged deal to anointed former CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes as his endorsed replacement, pending the former Riverside-residing Politico's successful bid to replace (still) Congressman Xavier Becerra. 
Observers tell Mayor Sam that former Sanders Campaign Official (and ALSO 34th CD Candidate) Arturo Carmona was prominent with other Progressive Activists, in inflicting a defeat on the Assemblyman Gomez-supporting Slate ........, prompting one, longtime Democratic Observer to muse that yesterday's gathering could of been a possible "Dress Rehearsal" of the late-Spring, Congressional Special Election, which bids well for the ascending Arturo Carmona Campaign-----Scott Johnson within the 51st AD. 
The Democratic Masses at the 51st AD Delegate Elections.
The Tally of the Votes for Delegates.
The Dominating Progressive Slate with 9 of 14 Winners.
The Establishment Slate.

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